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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Stationery Haul 2015

Hey everyone. So sadly the summer is coming to a close. I know lots of people say this BUT WHERE DID THE TIME GO? I’m heading into year 11 when I go back in September, which means exams, revision and working hard. Although it’s daunting, I am trying to make the most out of it- which includes a new lot of stationery!

So to begin, I wanted to link you back to last year’s post- even though a lot of this is similar, as there I talk about the school bag and pencil case I will use. Even though my Accessorise satchel is battered and a little (a lot) worse for wear, I love it- so will try and keep it going as long as I can! I am also still using the blue floral pencil case I chatted about, as I haven’t found a new one that I’ve liked.

The first thing(s) I picked up where some highlighters. I am a little bit of a highlighter-a-holic and my school friends always joke about how colourful, and sometimes colour coded, my work can get. 

However, I am a very visual reader so it does help me lots! Highlighters are also great for exams-when permitted- as it can make questions a lot clearer. I even used it last year for my maths GCSE! In the past I’ve gone for the basic fat highlighters (seen in third photo) but this year I decided that I’d go for the pen style. Not only are they easier to write with, they take up a lot less room! The ones I went for are from BIC and were only a couple of pounds!

The next item is a set my mum got me. It was on offer at Tesco, and was really a bargain. I don’t think I’ll use all the bits, so will give the outcasts to someone else in my family, but will get a lot of use from the pencils, rubber and the sharpener… although I did get another one! Oops!

The third things I picked up were pens. Along with biros, which I had well enough to not have to restock, I mostly use these Pilot V5 pens. They’re a little pricer but write really well. Nevertheless, the pack of three was on offer in Sainsbury’s with two of the Rollerball ones from the range as extra!

I then picked up two things that are essential for anyone doing an art course. I got two 2b pencils- one is already in use- and a full size Pritt stick as they will be used in so many of my art lessons. We’re not provided with either in my lessons, so it’s important to have your own. I use the glue for sticking in work in all subjects, but mostly art coursework, and the 2b pencils are used for greyscale drawings over HB ones.

I then re-bought my favourite colourful pens. As seen in my revision tips post, I find these Papermate pens so useful. My old ones are still going strong, they’re only a few months old, but I thought it would be handy to have some at home and some for school- so I can have them whenever I need! Again, these are really affordable and the pack comes with lots of different colours!

Along with the one that came in the set, my mum also got me some lego brick rubbers. This pack has 21 rubbers in a variety of sizes, and I think it’s fair to say with this many- I won’t run out of them for a loooong time! They’re from Tesco and were, again, really affordable.

Next is two more boring purchases. Every school pencil case needs a ruler, and the one I picked up was from Oxford. I like these fold rulers as you can still have a 30cm length without needing to have a huge, long pencil pouch. Then I got a basic two sizes black sharpener. I was looking for one with a built-in bin but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t too bulky or big, so I’ll stay on the lookout but for now this will do.

Following this, I picked up a huge pack of record cards. This pack of revision cards from WHSmiths come in four pastel colours and I think they’ll be handy for studying. I really dislike neon coloured things, and a lot of back to school stationery is neon, so I was pleased to find some coloured but less bright cards.

After, I packed up a pack of three zipper folders. Am I the only person who’s school bag gets cluttered with bits of paper, slips and homework, so quickly? I hate it, I have to have an organised bag, so I decided to try these. As my bag is only just A4- so too many A4 things make it look boxy- I got these A5 ones from Sainsburys. The pack of three were just 99p and there was a clear, blue and pink one. I also think these would be a good idea for binders. If you whole punched them and slotted them into your folders, then it would be a great place to keep important sheets etc.

The final item I got for back to school 2015 was a beauty purchase. I’m not really one to take much-if any- makeup to school because I really can’t be bothered with having to top it up. Also, my makeup generally lasts pretty well- on days when I don’t have cross-country that is. However my dry lips do mean that lip salve is really important. I like to take a colourless one personally and my favourite ones from school are always the stick ones. The best balm I’ve tried is the Nivea essential care one, so I picked up a new one for the start of term!

So there they are, all my back to school bits. Although I’ve had an amazing, if fast, summer, I know that school will come so I am trying to prepare myself as best I can. Are you ready for back to school? I’d love to know in the comments! Also what year are you going into? Thanks for reading, much love, 
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