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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Wishlist: Summer 2015

Hey everyone. So its summer time at last, the sun is shining and it’s getting hot (as hot as it gets in England, that is). However, with all this wonderful weather, comes the want for new clothes, accessories and bits and bobs to get me summer-ready. I love reading, writing and creating wishlist-type posts, so today I am sharing one with you.

The first want of mine is something I saw my current-Youtube-favourite Suzie, from channel and blog Hello October, wearing and looking absolutely stunning in. Lately, I have found myself craving some really simple but effortless pieces and at the moment I am looking for a pretty white lace summer dress. The one Suzie has is from H&M but I can’t find it on the website, so I guess I’m on the lookout for a similar version. I just think a white lace dress, with converse and a denim jacket, would make the cutest summer look- eek I want one so much!

Next up in a pair of shoes I have wanted for so long but never really considered. I love white converse, and yes everyone has them, but that’s for a reason right?! These shoes are gorgeous, match everything and are comfy all at the same time. Last year, I bought some copies from Peacocks but they are just not the same in style or comfort. I might start saving for these though because they are pricy shoes, and I’m not sure I trust myself not to cover them in mud every time I would wear them.

Third is a makeup bag I recently saw on the River Island website. I love makeup bags, and I’ve had the one I’ve used for over a year now, so when I saw this one I was like- yes I MUST have it. This black lace style bag is a boxy style, so would fit more in and I love the fact it looks simple but detailed. At £10, this makeup bag would be a bit of a treat so I’m not sure it will make it into my belonging, but hey- a girl can always dream.

A fact you may not know about me is that yellow, specifically light, pastel yellow, is my all-time favourite colour. To me it just looks so bright and happy that it simply makes me smile. Nonetheless, I struggle with including it in my wardrobe and outfits. I have a sunflower skater skirt which I love, but apart from that when I try on yellow things they just clash with my hair/ skin tone. But there is a solution- nails. One fact you will know if you are longer term reader, is that I love BarryM nail polishes. I think they are the best value budget nail brand and their colour choice seems never ending. Incredibly, I haven’t bought a new polish in months, and have completely overlooked the new Speedy Quick Dry range of theirs (brought out this Spring). However, when I saw this lovely lemon shade called Stop TheClock, I realised I need it… and at £3.99 I expect this will soon enter me basket!!!

I’m pretty sure my fifth wishlist-item will split opinions. I love the brogue-style shoes, and have wanted a pair for ages. Nevertheless, I have always be reluctant due to their price tag and the worry I won’t pull them off. I also think some people may think these are a bit old-lady but I think with a sweet dress/ skirt or even jeans, they would make an outfit. These brownones are from New Look, and when I tried them on they were a perfect fit, but they still cost about £30. I know this isn’t crazy for shoes but I just hate investing in stuff when it costs a lot all at once. Maybe- they are really pretty and I think they’ll transition well into the autumn and even wintertime.

Lastly is a pair of denim shorts. I know in my last haul I bought a pair of shorts, and they were amazing on holiday, but I have fallen for these as well.  This pair is from MissSelfridge and have a shabby chic trend feel. They’re a darker denim, which seemed a really good quality at the shop, and there is some gorgeous embroidery on the hem. They’re not too crazily priced at £30, but I still think they sadly won’t be making my summer wardrobe because I don’t think I’d get the wear out of them.

So there’s my summer wishlist. I want all of these things stated above, but I know I probably will only be able to get one or two pieces. So, what’s on your summer want-list? I love knowing other people’s wishlists so please leave them in the comments below. I hope you are all enjoying this new blog relaunch and that you have a wonderful day, 

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