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Friday, 12 June 2015

Relaunch: Back to Blogging + New Schedule

Hey everyone. So things are looking a bit different, aren’t they? Well welcome to mydaisychaincloset’s new look. I am so excited to reveal this new era of my blog, and I hope you’ll join me along the way in this new journey.

So you may be thinking- why is this all looking so new? And what are we doing here on a Friday? Well it’s because I needed change and so did this blog. I was happily going along one day and I tried to write a blog post, but it couldn’t come out. I realised then that just bit by bit I’d been forcing myself to write certain things. I think that with the enjoyment of blogging and scheduling, I had begun making myself write so I could get it done on time and not because I was passionate about my content.

So I took a step back. I forced myself to take a bit of time off, especially as I’ve had exams over the last few weeks. I thought long and hard about all the things I loved about my blog, and all the things I knew I wanted to change. As you know, the look of my blog has changed a few times in the last few months but I couldn’t settle. I had a clear idea in my head about the look and feel I wanted, inspired by my favourite bloggers and the blogs I aspired to. Being part of the blog platform Blogger has some huge advantages but with it brings disadvantages too. The look of my ‘wanted’ blog was never going to happen, but I could get close to it with hard work. So that’s exactly what I did and now you can see it for yourself.

This little blog shake up also means that changes will happen to my schedule. I will now post on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am GMT. For me, this just works a lot better and I hope you’ll keep coming back too. There will also be the odd Sunday post for when I have time to upload three times a week (this is usually in the summer holidays).

So what else can you expect? Well, there will be a few of my much-loved regulars- like my monthly book review and travel diary series but I also hope there’ll be a mix up in my content. I want to be writing more fashion themed posts and more original post ideas. If you have any wants or recommendations though, I am always open ears!

So that’s all. I can’t wait to start this all again and I hope you too are excited! I’ll see you back here for another post on Tuesday and until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, much love, 

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  1. Yay, glad you're back! I had such problem in May and took blogging break. Can't post something that I forced myself to write. I then feel like I'm losing myself.
    Yana x

  2. Thanks Yana! It can feel so annoying when you hit a block, but I'm so excited to get back into blogging- so I guess taking a break really works! x