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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Great Eyeliner For Less Than £3...

Hey everyone. My everyday makeup hasn’t changed much in a while and recently I fancied something to mix it all up. I am currently obsessed with Suzie, from Hello October, and I was watching one of her videos where she recommended the Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner. Suzie has beautiful makeup and her eyeliner always looked stunning, so when I was next in Boots, I decided to give it a go.

Now if I’m honest, I do have mixed feelings about this product. When you get it right, it can look stunning and completely outruns my Supercat liner, but its tricky to use well.
If you’re new to makeup, I’d say stay away. Liquid eyeliner is difficult, and you need some skills already if you want it to look good. Pen eyeliners are far better for beginners but if you feel a bit more confident, you may never go back.

Apart from the complicated application of this makeup, it does have a few other flaws. Like other

liquid liners, they go on wet and dry soon after, so if you make a mistake it can be challenging to correct. Also I would say that even though this lasts all day, it’s definitely not tear-proof- so don’t wear this when watching a sad film (I’ve learnt that from experience).

However, if you put aside all these imperfections, you are left with a good eyeliner. I’ve used it a few times and mostly I’ve ended up with a good result. This eyeliner is completely black, with no glimmer flecks that you can sometimes get, and the tip can create a lovely cat-flick. Once it is dry, it stays pretty smudge proof and will last for hours.

Overall, I like this product but it is normally part of my weekend routine when I have a tad more time. It has a great effect but doesn’t give me the quick and easy attributes that the Soap&Glory Supercat liner- my all-time favourite eyeliner- does. What’s your favourite eyeliner? I’m always up for trying new things- especially those at drugstore prices! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and have a fab day, much love, 

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