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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Peaches-n-Cream - My New Skincare Obsession

Hey everyone. I have recently discovered my new obsession. As you know, I recently posted a skincare routine and amazingly, since then, I have managed to find a new product that I cant seem to put down.

From that post you will have seen that Soap&Glory is one of my highest rating skincare brands. I love, love, love the whole range of Soap&Glory but I think their skincare section is extremely good for the price tag you pay.

So a few weeks ago, I allowed myself a naughty treat and I splurged on another item from its amazing range- the ‘Peaches And Cream Deep Cleansing Milk’. The reason I wanted this so much is because although I have a few face masks, they are mostly weekly and I wanted a product that would feel luxurious every day.

To use this, I take off my basic eye makeup with the Garnier Micellar water and then use this after to fully remove the rest of my makeup. After, I wash it off with a few splashes of water and my skin is clean and moisturised. The cleanser does say to avoid contact with eyes, so it won’t be the best eye makeup remover, but it is so good in ‘melting’ the rest of my makeup. It removes lipstick, foundation, concealer… and at the same time it doesn’t feel stripping, but soft and nourishing.

The scent of this product is wonderful. It’s hard to describe because it is flavoured as ‘Peaches And Cream’ so is a combination of sweet and fruity aromas. For me, this scent is sweet but refreshing. I’m not sure everyone will like it because it is quite heavily perfumed and some people prefer scent-free items- but for me it can’t get much better.

Not to even mention the adorable packaging of this, like the majority of the Soap&Glory branding, and the easy-to-use pump. This bottle will last me months and now sits permanent on my skincare shelf.

At £8, this cleanser isn’t the cheapest available but it is far cheaper than higher end rivals. I think it is so worth that few extra pounds and the special trip to Boots where it is exclusively sold- or obviously you could do a cheaky online order and pick it up here!

So what’s your favourite skincare step? Have you ever tried anything from the Soap&Glory range (because you really, really should!!)? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you have a wonderful week, much love,

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  1. This looks,and sounds,awesomee!! Glad it's been working for you! Loveee soap and glory and will definitely check this out!

    Your blog is ahhmazing gurl! Have a great day xxx