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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Positivity post #2


So today is another of my lifestyle type posts, where I share my mind with you in the form of a positivity post. I just want to share some of my thoughts with you, so that maybe I can help you, inspire you or even brighten your day.

This post is all about compliments. They are something that anyone and everyone are happy to receive but often are unlikely to give out. I love to give compliments, although even I struggle and it’s silly.


This quote is so true to me, as if I get a compliment it really makes me feel warm and good inside, and puts a smile on my face. A compliment is something so simple, your mind normally thinks it anyone but you often say it aloud.
The reason you don’t share it may be something due to popularity differences, not wanting to be judged or simply taking the thought for granted. You may think ‘her hair looks lovely today’ but you won’t tell her because she has probably had loads of those compliments anyway. But what if she hasn't had any.
Often this happens with friends. We see our friends as the most beautiful people we know, we love them and see them in their best light. Sadly this can mean that we forget to say ‘you look really nice today’ or ‘you really are so smart’! I think this is really sad, as these are the people who will really care what you think, and are the easiest people to tell.

Compliments are so beautiful because they let someone know that they are acknowledged for something that they are, have or look. Although they are normally associated with looks, compliments can be for so many other things as well.

Everyone has bad days, they can feel insecure or be having a low self-esteem day, and a compliment can give you the power to change this. You can make someone feel happy and free of concern, be it only for a minute, an hour or a day.

I encourage you to do what I am trying to. I am aiming to give more compliments, and to let people know them too. I have to say it’s harder than it sounds, as in this modern day the compliment is something that is often rare! But I am doing my best to let those very close to only familiar know, sharing a smile while I go.

Did you like this post? What do you think of compliments? Please let me know in the comments bellow, much love,

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