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Friday, 26 June 2015

My New Favourite Outfit...

Hey everyone. It’s rare that you completely put together a ‘perfect’ outfit, but I think this one gets pretty close. I have a feeling this outfit is going to be repeated loads this summer, and to be honest I can’t wait! This outfit combines my love of floral, my blue denim jeans and my new tan leather brogues- which I’m totally obsessed with!

I think this outfit will be great for the British summer time because it is cool but will keep my warm on those less-sunny-and-a-bit-more-windy days. I think this look really shows my personal style and sort of just expresses me!

My top was a bit of an investment piece that I bought a few weeks back. I love this top so much, but if I was to go back I probably wouldn’t buy it again just because of its hefty price tag! This floral top is slightly cropped but isn’t too short- trust me because I’m no crop-top lover- and has a cute crochet trim around the waist.

My jeans are the ones that I’ve spoken about time and time again, hauled in this post, favourite in this post and worn in this outfit. I can’t stop wearing them (full stop).

Lastly, my shoes. These gorgeous, beautiful brogues are now luckily mine and I already love them a tad too much. I’ve wanted a pair like this for a long time, and was recently treated to them by my mum for my work experience in a couple of weeks. I think these shoes perfectly suit me and really compliment my style. I can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts… and they can be worn as casual shoes or as more formal additions. They’ll work for summer walks, autumn day, winter evening and spring alike. I think this won’t be the only time you see these this summer!

I like to style my brogues simply, with black trainer socks or short frilled ones. Their masculine touch really adds to a look and although they were a bit uncomfortable at the start, once their broken in they’re really comfy!

So that’s all from today! What’s your favourite outfit at the moment? I hope you all have a wonderful summery day, much love,

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