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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Quote Post: Being Yourself

Hey everyone. You are beautiful. Every person on this amazing planet is beautiful and different and unique. It’s a fact that we get reminded by but one that we often forget. In the moment when you lose a bit of your confidence, lost on a confusing path, you forget too easily. Letting others change how we are is something we never admit to, but it happens- maybe a few too many times.

In our wonderful, but complicated world, we are smothered by pressures and unreasonable expectations. It can be so hard, therefore, to be free of them. I don’t think anyone can be completely unattached but we can try our best every day.

Being yourself is challenging. At first look, we trick ourselves into believing it’s an easy assignment- but that’s when the illusion fragments. One day we are positive and fulfilling our happiness but the next we are dragged down by wanting to stand behind another to stick in the crowd.

At the end of the day, the most we can do is remind ourselves of our strengths, flaws and the beauty of us. There are so many people in this world, yet we are unrepeated and exceptional. This world would be so so dull if we were all insipid and indistinguishable, so being ourselves is our greatest gift for the world. If your good deed of the day is yet to be fulfilled, just let it be that you don’t live following what others are doing because it doesn’t matter in the end, it matters what you did.

I love these little quote posts as they give me an uplift of happiness, both when written and read. I hope you too enjoy this rambles, and if you have a motivational comments or favourite posts, I’d love to know. I hope you all live today as you, not as someone else, and have a great day, much love, 

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