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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Best Budget Body Care: Original Source Shower Gels

Hey everyone. On my last few supermarket visits, I have discovered my new favourite budget body care product- the shower gels from Original Source. I picked this up on offer, expecting it to be nothing too much more than average but it was far better….

Original Source is a brand that makes a variety of products and is sold in supermarket, drugstores and on its own site. It makes a variety of body products, including shower gels, scrubs and handwashes.

The shower gels stand out on the supermarket shelf, not only because of their striking graphic design, but by the range of different flavours they offer. For a budget brand, Original Source really offer far more and more interesting scents. Examples include liquorice, vanilla + raspberry and raspberry and cocoa.

So what really makes these so good? Well, they are amazing. As a shower gel, they work so well and are really creamy, resulting in a moisturising wash. They lather well, the scent hangs around and they have a secret multiuse. I have also been using these as a bubble bath. Adding a little of this to your bath consequences in fragrant bubbles and a cheaper option compared to other bath products.

The best quality of all is the unbeatable price, retailing for £1 but is often reduced. It is so affordable meaning you can have a more luxurious product for everyday life, and the excuse to treat yourself to a collection if new scents.

So that’s all for this little review. This product has just found itself sitting happily on my shower shelf, so I decided I’d share my love with you all. If you have any secret obsessions or best budget buys, I’d love to know! Thanks for reading, much love, 

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