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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Meeting Zoella?!? + Blog Update!

Heya everyone. So this time last week I had a really exciting day, I met Zoella. Today, I thought I’d chat a little about my experience and also some changes happening on this blog over the next few weeks.

So I am a dedicated subscriber to Zoe, aka Zoella, and I have been for a few years. I’m always searching for her videos in my subscription box and I also watch her vlogs and videos. However, I am well aware that I am just one of 9 million now and that my chance of even seeing her was slight.
As you know, I read Zoe’s book- Girl Online- in the summer and had mixed thoughts. Nonetheless, I couldn’t wait to read Girl Online On Tour, especially after the big build up. My best friend actually suggested the book tour and I wasn’t sure because of availability and price and all that, but I am so pleased I did.

The day of the book signing was so fun. I went to the Bristol event with two of my lovely friends and we had a whale of a time. There were a hell of a lot of people there, apparently around 1000, but everyone was in such a positive and excited mood that we didn’t really care.

We queued from 1:30 to around 4:30 for thirty seconds or so with Zoe but it was so unreal. People always say in her videos that she is tiny- but really she is! I was so shocked, her head was literally pea-sized! She looked so beautiful and was so happy and chatty with everyone.

I am so grateful for Zoe doing the book signing. The sad fact is that if she hadn’t come to Bristol then I probably wouldn’t have ever done a thing like this. I know the tickets sold out so quickly and thankfully I was one of the lucky ones. Obviously, it would’ve been nice to meet her for longer, but it was short and sweet and she seemed so lovely. In a way, I am glad because I worried that meeting her wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but she did!

Zoe has such an amazing channel and blog and she is such a role model. I blog for fun, for the creativity and the journal of my teen years. Although I’m not into blogging for the fame or the hundreds of readers, I do have moments when I think what if.

Also, little blogging update! As many of you know, I’m in year 11 this year and have my mocks coming up at the end of this month, so I will be dropping down to one/two posts a week- however, I am considering doing blogmas- but it depends on my workload. What do you think? Thanks for reading, have a superb week, much love,
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