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Sunday, 28 June 2015

All Things Blogging - Planning and Scheduling

Hey everyone. So before this whole relaunch-of-the-blog scenario, one series that I really enjoyed writing was my ‘all things blogging’ posts where I shared a few of my blogging tips and what I’ve learnt by being a first time blogger. In the last two posts, I focused on photography and today I wanted to chat about organisation and planning.

Everyone blogs differently and every blogger will do things differently, but for me planning and scheduling is one of my most important and most enjoyable blogging tasks. Before each month begins, I sit down and plan out what posts I want to write over the next few weeks.

I currently plan in my diary, because it has a very useful monthly page, but last year I also used a normal notebook (which became my blog notebook) and in it I printed out a month page and mindmap-ed my ideas there. Before I even begin to schedule ideas, I write in any key dates for me- birthdays, events, days-out, holidays, exams etc. This really helps me visual what's happening when and what posts will be most appropriate for that date.

A top tip is also planning with colours and colour coding. I like to write blog posts in one colour, dates in another etc., but you could colour code different types of post (for example lifestyle/ fashion/ cooking).

To be an organised blogger, you need a schedule. No matter how much you may try to escape from it, a schedule is the only way that you’ll stay on time with posts and be consistent for your readers. I suggest that, at least, you give yourself an upload day/ days and possible a time to schedule posts to. This means you know when to write, publish and schedule so your posts aren’t random and irregular.

So I think that is all that I have to say on the subject of being an organised blogger. I pride myself on being quite organised (which is why I don’t have too many missed post days), so these tips do really work. If you are getting in to blogging, wanting to improve or maybe getting ready to face a blogging challenge- like Blogmas- I think this little guide will come in handy! I hope you have a great day and a fantastic next few days, much love,

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