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Sunday, 4 January 2015

DIY 2015 Memory Jar

So after my little holiday off blogging over the Christmas break, I am finally excited to get into it again. I’ve had a good start to 2015, and I hope you have to, and that you haven’t broken all your new year’s resolutions quite yet! Today I wanted to do a DIY which I have actually made an annual tradition for myself. Today I am going to make a memory jar. I know this idea isn’t 100% original, as it is all over Pinterest, but every year I make a new memory/achievement jar and thought I’d show you!

A memory, or achievements, jar is a very simple but cute idea. Throughout the year you note down little things you’ve down, exciting days or things you’ve accomplished. Write down your comment and fold/ screw up the paper. Over the year, you let the note fill the jar- and no peaking is allowed. On the last day of the year, empty the jar into a bowl and pick out the notes at random. I did this for 2014 and it was so lovely to open the notes at the end of the year. You get to remember days you may have forgotten or little achievements that seem insignificant by December, and this is a really enjoyable thing to do.

To make the jar, you can use whatever you have. Here I will show you two possible options, and my jar from last year. You can make it simple or overcomplicate it; it can be made to whatever your tastes are.

Jar 1.                     The Words Jar

All you need for this jar is:
·         A clean empty jar
·         Pens- I used sharpies and I found darker colours are always better

1.       Make sure your jar is clean and is a blank canvas to work on. Just take off the label and wash up the jar.
2.       Take the pen, or pens, of your choice and begin to write different words all over your jar. Vary the words in shapes and sizes, and you could also change the colours. I wrote words like memory, happiness, friends, joy and achievements. You could also draw patterns if you wanted.
3.       I also wrote a big 2015 on the jar, but you could make a label to put on the front.
4.       I left the jar there but you could also add ribbons etc.

Jar 2.                     The Shabby Chic Jar

All you need for this jar is:
·         A clean empty jar
·         Scrapbook papers/ patterned card
·         Paper
·         Printed label (optional)
·         Ribbon/ twine/ lace
·         Glue/ tape 

1.       Make sure your jar is clean and is a blank canvas to work on. Just take off the label and wash up the jar.
2.       Choose any patterned card/ scrapbook paper and cute a strip that will fit around your jar. This card can have any thickness, but it must fit around the jar.
3.       Stick the ends of the card together, using either tape or glue.  
4.       Next I chose some lace, which is actually stick on lace, to go around the jar.
5.       Fourthly, I decided I wanted a printed label. All I did was write ‘memories 2015’ in a powerpoint -but any software would basically work, chose a font I liked and print it off. Then I stuck this onto a rectangle of card and stuck that onto the scrapbook paper.
6.       To finish off my jar, I took some twine (which I got at the local Homebase) and doubled it up. Then I made a bow around the lip of the jar to complete it.

My 2014 jar was similar to the shabby chic jar DIY accept I used black card, red ribbon, wrote my own label, used clear stars and a wooden frame (which is normally used for scrapbooking).

So that is all of the jars. I hope you liked this DIY and will give it ago because I would love to see your jars to (feel free to leave links down below). I have also made a board on my pinterest of some other memory jars for inspiration for you, so go have a look here. I hope the beginning of your year was good and that you all have a brilliant day,

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  1. I'm doing this but my one isn't that fancy! wish it was though

    Jennos Health.

  2. I made one too! I just knitted a jar cozy in my favorite color (teal), and then secured a lid on it. Nothing too fancy, but I'm rather plain and simple, so it fits me. (: I can't wait to fill it up with amazing things! I wish I had known about this idea before, it really is a good one!

    Your jar is so pretty, though! Love the shabby chic. Thanks for sharing~!