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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Bathtime Review // Honeymania from The Body Shop

So, after reviewing 2014 on my blog, I’ve decided that when I do reviews on bath and body products, such as my Body Shop and LUSH bathbomb posts, I will put them into a series called ‘My Bathtime Review’. In this series, I will be showing a range of items, from different brands and price brackets, and will be telling you my honest thoughts on them. I hope putting them in a series will make my reviews more clear and easy for you and the series will give you something to look forward to.

So today I will reviewing three products from The Body Shop’s Honeymania range. I recently received these as a Christmas gift and ever since I have loved them. Before I had mainly been addicted to the Coconut range and hadn’t tried any other scents, so when I tried this super fresh scent I was in love.

Honeymania is made from the sugary sweetness of honey and is such a lovely range; I would say the honey flavour would work in any season- especially spring and summer. I have been testing out the body butter, scrub and bubble bath melt. The products are really fragrant and when you use them they really do give you their scent.

I have tried the body scrubs from The Body Shop before and I have enjoyed them but general found them a little harsh. However, the Honeymania sugar scrub has a different texture altogether and softer then before. I use this when I’m having a bath and it helps to keep your skin soft.
The second product I’ve used is the bubble bath melt. I did not know that this product even existed because it is currently only available in the Honeymania range, and I’m so overjoyed that I found it. It works like a bubble bath and, if you add a little amount to your bath’s running water, it will make so many fragrant bubbles. I also think it makes your bath water scented and I would say works as an equivalent to a LUSH bathbomb.

The third product is the body butter. I’ve tried a few of these before and they simply are my favourite body lotion available. Soft and moistening, the body butter works to make your skin soft and smooth. Mostly I use it when I get out the bath on slightly damp skin, but you could use it in a variety of ways. I think The Body Shop Body Butters are The Body Shop’s most popular and well-loved item and there definitely is a reason for that!

So overall I would really recommend this range and it is now my favourite one that The Body Shop have to offer! I hope you enjoyed this view and that you are maybe inspired to try these products too. Remember to check out my link below and that you can ask me anything-related questions here for my Q&A. I hope you’ve had an amazing first week of 2015,

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