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Friday, 10 July 2015

I'll Give You The Sun - Book Review

Hey everyone. So the eager eyed among you may’ve noticed how my monthly book review last month didn’t go up, and that’s for a few reasons I wanted to tell you about. The first, is that ‘I’ll give You The Sun’ by Jandy Nelson has taken me two months to read. Second, I just wasn’t making time to read last month. May and June cover exam (and revision) season, so I was working so hard that by the time I picked up my book at the end of the day… I was drifting asleep. However now I’ve finished it and I thought I’d tell you a bit about this book.

I started reading I’ll give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson because my friend recommended it, and apart from that I’d never heard of it before. I wasn’t sure of the themes or age group really, but I chose to give it a good go anyway! In simple terms, this book cover a lot of subjects, which include family, grief, love and growing up. The story is set in the eyes of Noah and Jude, twins, drifting apart and staying together. We also see them grow from young to teen, and Nelson covers a lot of the problems and stages that occur at this interval.

When the pair are split, and barely speak at all, it clear that something is wrong. Noah is lost in a world of paint and lost love; Jude is trapped in a person that she no longer knows. Tragedy and grief affect people in different way, and I’ll give You The Sun capitulates this idea. The story follows them becoming tangled in issues and slowly finding a way to become free of them.

However, I was disappointed in this read. It was a bit slow for me (hence why it took me sooooo long to read) which I think reflects how I felt towards it when reading. Generally, a good book cant be put down, and this wasn’t the case for me. I found the story a bit young and clichéd, and parts became more and more predictable.

Nevertheless I think this is a good book, just for a different age group! I think I’ll give You The Sun is a great read for that awkward stage of reading between young and teen books. It may be long, but it’s quite easy to read and has an interesting storyline. For a book that covers growing up, I think those who also are suit it best.

So there’s my book review of the month! I cant wait to get back to my regular monthly slot and am excited to get reading again too! What’s your favourite book? Any recommendations? Much love, 

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