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Friday, 3 July 2015

June Favourites

Hey everyone. So I know that I generally only do seasonal ‘favourites’ posts, but this month I seem to have gathered a small handful of things that I wanted to chat about. From food to makeup, this combination of bits and bobs have been what I’ve loved this June.

My first item that I’ve loved this month is a foodie favourite. I love chocolate, like most people, but before this month I’d never caught on to the salted caramel and chocolate craze. However, I a while ago I went out for dinner with my family and had this incredible dessert! So when I was in Waitrose and saw this little pudding that seemed to offer a similar thing, I had to try it. All I can say is this little pot of wonder does not let down. I’ve had this sweet treat twice now as a naughty dessert and it is amazing! It’s chocolaty and sweet- a perfect Saturday night luxury.

Now regular readers will recognise this brilliant budget makeup item from a recent review. It’s a tricky bugger to use but when you have the hang of it, the results are completely worth it! For more details head over to this post where I fully reviewed it, but all I can say is if you’re a makeup lover…. you need to try this.

Third is something that is probably a bit of an odd edition to a favourites post but I have a flower favourite for June. I adore having flowers, especially in the spring and summer time- so when I got these I was literally obsessed. These cute little flowers, called gypsophila, are normally part of a bouquet but I think they look sweet on their own as well. I’ve loved having them in my bedroom for the last few weeks and think a never bunch may go into my basket soon….

My fourth favourite is this lace top, featured in this outfit post. I don’t think I’ve been as obsessed with a top as I am with this one ever before! This white lace vest top from New Look has been my most worn summer top so far, as it goes with everything (I especially love wearing it with jeans). In fact, I have been pretty obsessed with anything that has white lace on it and am especially want a dress in this material this season.

My last favourite is a pair of shoes. I know not everyone will love these shoes, but I have already fallen in love with these tan brogues. I’ve only has them for about a week and a half but I just love them! I featured them in this recent outfit, and I feel that they’ll be in a lot of posts to come too.

So there’s my June most-loved items! Just a short selection and a varied package too this month! What’ve you been loving at the moment? I’d love to know and if you have any post requests for the summer, please let me know too! Much love,

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