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Friday, 24 July 2015

Suede And How I Style It...

Hey everyone. This season, I have been loving the trend of suede. Initially, I wasn’t too sold on the whole look, but then a trip to a changing room changed all that and I really like how it looks on. The garment that changed it all was a suede skirt, but not the one EVERYONE is wearing from Topshop.
No, the one I decided to get was a skirt from New Look in this skater style, not aline, as I thought it just suited me better. However, the material of suede is completely outside of my comfort zone and at first I found it hard to style. So, in this post I decided that I’d show you how I like to style my new purchase.

One way I love to wear it is with white. White has such a summery feel about it and when it’s warm, it seems the only colour that’s right for this season. Furthermore, I love the way lace looks with the suede. I’ve been wearing this lace cami with the skirt and I adore how the outfit looks together.

Another option, keeping everything on the monochrome scale is matching the suede with black. Although this colour feels a tad less summery, it does look really pretty with the tan suede fabric. I like to wear it with this black crop top, instead of tucking a top in, and think the complete look gives the suede skirt a different vibe.

As regular readers may’ve noticed, I love a bit of floral. So, I’ve also enjoyed wearing that print with the suede skater. I normally stick to dark florals, but I think the tan suede is pretty versatile so would match most prints and patterns.

In the looks above, I styled my outfits with my white converse (copies from Peacocks), my Accessorize sunglasses from last year and my wishbone necklace from Asos. I was also wearing white nail polish, which was a Rimmel polish in the shade 'White Hot Love'.

I have also been matching it with my denim jacket on days when the sun is hiding behind clouds or rain. Although denim and suede are very different, the blue and the tan shades seems to go really well. The jacket I’ve been wearing at the moment is quite big and baggy, but I like how this juxtaposes the delicate girly skirt.

So there’s how I style suede. It may be a bit simple or obvious but I have really enjoyed making new looks with the material and style. I hope you’ve enjoyed this style themed post and that you have a wonderfully summery day, much love,

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