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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Top Five Summer Bag Essentials

Hey everyone. So summer is round the corner and I can’t wait for the holidays to come. So, to ensure that everyone is summer ready, I thought I’d share what I keep in my summer bag with you. Whether I’m meeting up with friends, going shopping or having a summery picnic, here are a few of my essentials that never leave my side.

Lip Balm

I am always one of those people who is constantly applying lip salve as my lips get so dry. When my lips get dry and cracked, I want a product that will really moisturise my lips without stripping my lip colour. Lately, I have been trying something new. I have always been a huge fan of the Body Shop Lip Butters but after I didn’t like their lip glosses, I wasapprehensive to try their lip balm. I’ve had the lip balm in Honeymania for a few months but was yet to give it a go before recently. The scent and flavour of this balm is gorgeous, and yet I have found it equally as effective as the butters. However the white residue that is left by the heavier butters isn’t seen with the balm. For a lip salve it’s not too cheap, at £4 a pot, but I have the feeling it will be well worth it by the time the autumn falls.


Whether you’re walking to meet someone, relaxing on the beach or enjoying some spare time, music is so necessary for a good summer. No matter what you’re listening to or what genre you like, carrying it with you is a must. Therefore headphones are needed in any and every summer bag. I promise you that that gutting feeling when you reach for them in your bag- frantically searching in pockets and all corners- is not one you want this summer.


An obvious one I know, but a summer bag essential nonetheless. Whether it’s sunny or not, in the summer (especially in the UK) you can’t predict the weather so your sunglasses should stay on your person whenever possible. I love sunglasses, although we barely get to wear them in the UK, so try to wear them even on those cloudy days… but whatever…

A photo-taking device

The summertime is one of the best times to make and record memories. There are so many imcredible moments to have with friends and family, and you wont want to forget them. For me, recording my memories is one of my favourite things. I love scrapbooking and taking photos, so I always have that moment to see. Taking a photo-taking device, camera, photo (you know what I mean), is the best way to instantly reconnect with your amazing holiday. It could be a sunset at a beach, selfie with friends or even an Instagram of your picnic- this summer, photo taking is my essential.

Sun cream

So what next? You may not have much space left in that summer bag of yours, as I know I much prefer carrying the smaller bag option on summery days, but this essential is seriously one you should keep with you. Sun cream. No, I’n not your nagging mother that intends to recommend the snowman-white-sun-cream face look but it is important to use sun protection in these holidays. I know that when I go away, especially to somewhere really hot, I am a sun cream addict as the fear of getting a bright red sunburn is one I know only too well. However, in slightly less hot areas, like the UK, I often forget that the sun can still cause harm when it doesn’t seem that sunny. In the UK, I mostly stick to lower factors- so I don’t completely ruining my chance to tan- and obviously if you live somewhere a lot hotter, a sun cream with a lot of a higher factor is more appropriate. Keeping sun cream in your bag is always in my eyes a good idea, so if you leave the house uncovered, you still have chance to protect your skin!

So that’s all. Here are my top five summer bag essentials for this summer. I can’t wait for what’s to come, I feel like summer is barely a breath away! Are you excited for your summer break? What are your essentials for this warm season? I’d love to know, but until next post, have a great few days, much love,

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