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Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Favourite Youtubers At The Moment

Hey everyone. So this post is a bit different, and a tad bit random, but a few months back I wrote a post about my favourite youtubers. As blogging and youtube is a very linked community, I thought that every now and again I’d do a little update of the bloggers and youtubers that I’ve become obsessed with.

Hello October- Blog and Youtube- I am obsessed with Suzie. Not only is she beautiful but her advice and blog posts are beautiful written and created. When a Hello October post comes into my newsfeed, I cant wait to read/ watch it! I love Suzie’s cute and summer style, especially her white-dress-loving fashion sense. When I see her outfits, I want them too! Furthermore, her makeup is always gorgeous and her vlogs are another addiction of mine. Overall, Suzie has found her way from unknown to one of my favourite blogger/vloggers… a position I think she’ll keep.

Lily Pebbles- Youtube (especially)- I have been subscribed to Lily and Anna, two youtubers I love, for month and months. I think I always used to prefer Anna’s videos but lately I have been loving Lilys! Her vlogs are one of my favourites to watch and her channel is always filled with fun and interesting videos. Lily’s style is a bit different, which I like, and she too always looks stunning! I’d really recommend her channel if you’re into all this beauty and fashion stuff- I know I love her…

Fluer De Force- Youtube (especially)- Fluer is absolutely one of my favourite youtubers. Her fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos are always so exciting yet informative. She talks about a range of things including lookbooks, skincare and she also vlogs. I especially loved her JuneDeForce vlogs, where a mixture of travel and everyday life gave us a fun insight into a bloggers day to day.

Tanya Burr- Youtube(especially)- I didn’t use to like Tanya’s videos, but recently I can’t wait for them to watch each week. Her channel is again based around fashion and beauty, and there is also the occasional blog too. I just find what Tanya has to say is really interesting, and her style is flawless! As I also love Jim’s videos (Tanya’s partner), the pair go hand in hand.

So that’s my handful of favourite youtubers at the moment. Obviously they change around a lot, and there are more people I’m subscribed to too. For this post, I decided to go with better known Youtubers, but if you want a more lesser known set then just let me know in the comments! However I also want to know your recommendations. My favourite channels are normally fashion, beauty, lifestyle ones- but I also love funny ones and vlogs! Nevertheless, I normally steer clear of makeup tutorial channels- as I find these a bit dull, but I’m keen to try something different.

For now, that’s all I’ve got to say. This post is scheduled to go up on Sunday so today’s post is officially my first of summer! I’m so excited for the holidays and having free time to go out with friends and do things! What are you looking forward this summer? Much love, 

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