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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Quote Post: Kindness

Hey everyone. If I was to describe myself as a person, I think one of my strongest attributes is that I’m a kind person. Obviously no one can exude positivity 24/7, but I always try my best to have a glass-half-full mind-set and look on the brighter side of events. One of my favourite quotes is this one- throw kindness around like confetti. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it, that kindness can be flung around like the flitting bits of coloured paper seen at weddings and events, but also one I can relate too.

I often talk about happiness in these quote posts but kindness is different, something more. In the dictionary kindness is ‘the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate’. Being a good friend is something I always aim to be. At the moment, apart from being a daughter and granddaughter, it is one of the most important parts of who I am. My friends are hugely important and influential in my life, so I always try and be this to them- after all, what are we without one another?

But what is kindness really? When you’re young, it may be letting someone else join your game, or sharing your colouring pens with another. However, when you grow older, this perfect perception of the quality becomes clouded. Are you a kind person if you give up your seat from someone else, or do you need to do more than these smaller caring acts? Maybe kindness is always being there for someone close to you, a friends, a sister, a family member. It’s hard to pinpoint what acts simply make you ‘kind’, but maybe we should stop fussing over what it is and just try to become it.
In my mind, anything that you do positively for someone else makes you kind. It may just be my insight onto the characteristic, but at the end of the day all acts of kindness comes from an origin of a positive outlook.

Although I’ve said that I think I am a kind person, every day I try and further and improve it. Kindness is powerful, it makes others happy and makes you feel better too. Doing a kind thing every day may go past unnoticed, but if we all made an extra special effort to be considerate and caring- think of the influence it would have. Maybe it’s as simple as helping your parent with an extra chore, or maybe you want to raise some money to help a charity. Kindness may be complicated to capture but it is also plentiful. There are so many things we can do, so why not do them?

The quote is silly really, a childish thought- but one that I thinks has more power than initially believed. For me, it reminds me that kindness is complicated and simple, all at the same time. Moreover, it reiterates to me how kindness really can be like confetti- each piece may seem small and insignificant along, but together their effect is iconic.

Maybe this post will go past unnoticed, but maybe it will prompt you to try and do something extra kind today (go on, do it now). I’d love to know what you think kindness is, so let me know, and until Friday, I hope you have a wonderful week! Much love,