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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What's in my Travel Hand Luggage? | #summerstyle


So I love what’s in my bag type videos/posts so today I thought I’d have one themed around #summerstyle. Summer brings holidays and holidays bring hand luggage, and seeing as I’m going on holiday soon I decided to do a what’s in my travel hand luggage.

The holiday I have packed this for is with school, so I will not personally carry my passport and I had a bag in the hold, so these are just my on-plane essentials.
My bag is a faux brown leather satchel from Primark and it was just £8.

The first thing is a must have for me, fuzzy socks. As soon as I’m on a coach or plane for a long time I just have to put on my fuzzy socks. They keep my feet warm and comfy and relaxed all through a journey. Mine are just an old white pair with pink spots.
The other thing is a tiny pencil case with some pens and pencils. I always take a notebook; see later, so a pen is a must needed item for me!

The next item is a purse with some money for the airport. I love this purse, which I got from a friend for my birthday, because it is a really practical size and looks so cute. It is a mix of pastel shades, mainly pink/ nude faux leather, and a pretty floral pink. In this purse there is a section for cash and cards. Sadly my version is not available but there are similar ones for similar prices at

The next items are my liquids so are in a separate clear plastic bag to take out at the airport. I don’t like to take too many liquids because it is a bit of a fuss, but I like to take a lip balm for dry lips and some hand lotion to moisturise my hands.
The other item is a camera. Because it is a school holiday, I didn’t want to take an expensive camera that I’d worry about loosing. This is my old battery pink camera in a plain black camera case for protection.

The next thing in my bag is a small zip coin purse which I keep my Skullcandy ear-bud headphones in. I do this so they don’t get lost or tangled, and so I always know where they are. I love my headphones as they work well and never sound leak.
To go with them is my iphone which I use as an ipod for my journey. Some songs I am really loving at the moment are Classic by MKTO, Eliza Doolittle’s old albums and What a Night by the Lovable Rouges (an old summer favourite for me).

A book is always necessary for me, and I am currently still ready my June book which is ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green. I am really enjoying this book at the moment, like most of John Green’s work, but if you want to know more I will be doing a review next month.
The other items are notebooks which are so key to a journey, especially with school. I take an old notebook for games like squares and hangman. This is great for passing the time and having some old-fashion fun.

The last item is my special blog-organising notebook. I keep this Cath Kidston notebook with a calendar of each month and mark on my ideas for blog post. I am yet to plan into July so I am hoping to do this on the plane or coach when I am on holiday!

And that’s all that’s in my travel bag. Did you enjoy this type of post? What’s your summer travelling essential? Let me know in the comments below,

Have a wonderful summery week, 

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