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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Harbor Festival 2014 | #summerstyle

So on Sunday I went to the harbor festival, which is an annual event in Bristol at the harbor-side. There are loads of stands and stalls selling food and advertising companies, as well as stages for dance and musical performances.
I had an amazing day and am so happy I got to go. I went along with my best friend and her family, and we walked around for many hours. One of the highlights of my day was going on the vue wheel, which was basically a Ferris wheel that they had put up temporarily. It was £5 per person for the ride, but it was so much fun and the views of Bristol were stunning.

In the middle of the day, we all enjoyed some ice creams. The ice cream van we went to had a combination of 99 ice creams, I got a plain one but there was also a sherbet and mini marshmallow flavour!
Also in the day, at the Cascade Steps stage I listened to music by Brian Inglis and Darren Hodge. I especially enjoyed Darren Hodge’s music, which was a mix of instrument guitar pieces and singing.
At the end of the day we also went to the dance stage, where we saw people dancing with shopping trolleys as well as a beautiful ballet performance.

For the day I wore a simple outfit. The clothes I wore were basic and monochrome, putting me outdide my comfort zone of floral prints and patterned garments. I wore a plain black crop top for H&M, a white floral emboss skater skirt from H&M, white frilled socks from Primark, a brown sactual from Primark and a pair of fake Converse from Peacocks. On my nails I wore a pretty light blue shade, which I liked because it was not too pale or too bright. The shade was ‘Duck Egg Blue’ and it was a No7 nail polish, available at boots.

So thats all for my day at the harbor festival 2014, I hope you liked this type of post- with an outfit and vlog-style images, have an amazing day,

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