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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Hey it’d time for this months book review, and this month it is John Green’s ‘Paper Towns’. I decided to read this because I am really liking John Green’s writing, and my sister recommended it. I am also hoping to read some more John Green in the future.

Paper Towns is a very different book. It meddles in the genres of romance, detectives and action. It tells the story from the view of ‘Q’ or ‘Quentin’, a boy, and is all about the disappearance of one of his friends ‘Margo’. Margo leaves clues, of her location, that he must piece together, but in this journey Quentin must also discover who the real Margo is.
The story twists and turns and you really understand the emotions of Quentin. He is on the verge of a breakthrough but, at the same point, he is also contemplating giving up.

Overall I liked this book but I didn’t really love it. I don’t think it compares to the Fault in out Stars, or Looking for Alaska, as I found it took a while to pick up and bored me at times. Therefore, it took me longer to read and didn’t grasp at my imagination. I would still say the book is written well but the style of Quentin’s view is a little dull.

Paper Towns is split into three sections and the first and last are defiantly the best. I read the last section in just a day, as the plot really takes off and encourages you to read on.

I would say Paper Towns is great for John Green fans or teens, especially if your looking for something that isn’t just the same old romance or a novel predictable to it’s genre.

Sadly this review was short but sweet, as I didn’t really have a lot to say about it. Have you read Paper Towns, if so what did you think? Comment down below and have a great summery week,

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