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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Travel Diary - Sorrento, Italy '14

Hey everyone,

So last week I went on holiday! I wanted to start a long-running series on my blog where I can show you some of my travels, for example holidays and weekends away. This new series, called 'my travel diary', will include some photos and my thoughts- although these images will not normally feature people as I am not comfortable with sharing photos of my friends/ family online.
These photos are just a snapshot of some of the things I did this holiday, I'm sorry the quality isn't great either- but it's quite good considering it's take on a basic camera (with a horrid focus and zoom)!

My holiday this year was a school trip to Sorrento for 6 days. Sorrento is a picturesque town on the coast of Italy, near to Naples. I found the location stunning, filled with a beautiful blue seas and gorgeous Italian houses. The weather was beautiful all week and our small Hotel, the Hotel Cavour, fitted our needs, as a school trip, well. I did so many amazing things, and made lots of new friends, as well as luckily getting to explore many cultural sites.
In this jam-packed week I climbed Mount Vesuvius, visited the Pompeii ruins, made pizza, visited a mozzarella farm, made Gelato (Itailen ice cream) and ate a lot of it, as well as going on many visits into
Sorrento town and market. On one day I also got to go on a boat trip, with deckchairs like a cruise ship, to Amalfi- where we spent time in the town and on the beach! One amazing memory I made from this was jumping off the boat into the sea with my best friend, we were nervous but the water was warm and it was so much fun.
I was very privileged to get to go on this trip with my school, and would definitely encourage anyone who has the chance to take it, as you meet a lot of people and learn so much about them. I got to go with my friends as well, and I think we all had an incredible time.
I ate a lot of good food, bought a lot of souvenirs, put on a lot of sun cream and made a lot of memories. I miss you, Sorrento, so much and hope one day I can come back again!

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