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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Loving your Lips- lip balm review | #summerstyle

Hey, so todays post is all about loving your lips. In summer, when you’re out in the sun a lot, enjoying the day, your lips can become easily neglected. We all love to have pretty lips, especially when you’re braving a bold lip colour, and protecting them from dryness in the sun is so necessary. If you’re going on holiday, or are just appreciating the sun where you live, remember that your lips need to be taken care of.

Here I am comparing and reviewing five lip balms- great products for applying throughout the day and keeping your lips hydrated. The balms I chose are all really affordable and most are available from drugstores and supermarkets.

No7 BB lips, Beauty Balm
This was a freebie but I think No7 do sell this, or a similar product. The shade I have is called blink pink.
When you first put this on your lips it feels waxy and sticky, but I don’t find it too uncomfortable. Its slight pink tint does look really pretty on your lips and although it comes out bright, its sheer consistency creates a really nice natural lip. I feel that this lip balm slowly hydrates, and it’s SPF (20) is protecting my lips well from the sun. Unlike some, I feel this lip balm lasts really well but I do think it can be waxy. The product comes in a handy tube, which means there’s no need to use your fingers- this is perfect for on the go use. A negative point for me though is its price, this is the most expensive of all the balms I have tested and comes in at a high £9.00. Overall I would give this balm 6/10, as it’s great for colour but its hydrating effect is disappointing for the price.

The Body Shop, Born Lippy- Watermelon, Lip Balm
So the Born Lippy balms come in many flavours and I chose the watermelon one because it is my favourite. 
The product smells really strong and sweet, and when I put it on my lips I do feel like I am moisturising them. However after a few seconds I feel the consistency turns sticky, similar to the No7 BB lips. The packaging isn’t very good for on the go, as the lip balm comes in a small pot and requires you to apply it with your fingers. There is no colour tint, but there is a sheer shine on the lips. They have changed the look of the packaging since I bought mine, but the product is identical. One negative point about this is that it is only available from the Body Shop, which is inconvenient. However its amazing price of just £2 and huge flavour range do balance this. Overall I would give this product a 6.5/10 as it does have some good qualities but the hydration isn’t very strong.

Vaseline- Original, lip therapy
As soon as I put this jelly on my lips, I think my lips feel very hydrated and soft. My lips don’t feel sticky or
uncomfortable, just very smooth. I normally use this sort of product in my daily make up routine before a lip colour. It can feel slightly greasy, and, if you’re already wearing a bold lip, it may decolour it slightly. Similarly to the Body Shop lip balm, this product isn’t too great for on the go as it comes in a tin that requires you to put it on with your fingers. The tin is larger than other tinned lip balms. Amazingly, Vaseline also comes in at an amazing price of £1.23, and does have a same range of flavours. Overall I think this Vaseline deserves a 8/10, as it works well as a lip balm, is cheap, but it’s on the go use isn’t great.

The Body Shop, Lip butter, Coconut.
So this used to be one of my favourite ever products and I see now when I began re-using it. As you put it on, my lips turn to pillows of softness. This feels less like a lip balm/butter and more like a cream as it feels so hydrating. The coconut scent is strong, possibly not as potent as the Nivea lip balm, and I feel like the smell
stays for a while after application. The lip butter comes in a small pot, where you dip your finger in to apply- so not fab for taking out with you. However the packaging is just so cute and classic and the screw lid does mean it won’t open be accident. This lip butter is £4, which is slightly more expensive, as well as the fact it is only available from the Body Shop stores. So overall I am giving this product a 8.5/10, still a classic for me and it moisturises so well but it price and availability do pull it down when compared.

Nivea, Lip Butter, Vanilla & Macadamia
When I put this product on my lips, I love it. My lips feel soft and full, as well as being very hydrated. The best thing about this product is defiantly the smell. This product smells so good, and reminds me personally of my winter candles. It smells nutty but creamy, with a sweet scent. 
It nourishes my lips so well and makes them feel so smooth. This lip balm also comes in a tin, although thinner than the Vaseline tin. It does
need your fingers to be applied, but I often use this on the go as it hydrates so much and the size is practical for pockets and make up bags. This product is just £2 and does have a few different scents in the line. Overall I’d give this lip butter a 9/10, as it is defiantly one of my favourite products for the way it moisturises my lips and the indulgent smell means I am constantly re-applying this!

So I’ve found my favourite summer lip balm in Nivea and I hope you will be more likely to try it. Which lip balms do you use in summer? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know in the comments below, enjoy the sunshine today,

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