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Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Nights make up look | #summerstyle

This is exciting, a post on a Friday! So I have found myself with a bit of extra time in the holidays, and I have been feeling really creative and want to do more posts on my blog. I write this blog as a hobby, and over the summer I am going to try putting up three posts a week, Sundays and Wednesdays as normal- but also Fridays! I hope my few readers will enjoy this, if you do read my posts I’d love to hear your opinions or improvements.
So today I am doing another make up tutorial, however this time it will be a more dressed up look- perfect for summer nights. This look is still quite simple, and defiantly achievable for anyone. I will list the products I am using, but you can always switch them up for your own alternatives.

So to start the look I begin with concealer. I am currently using the stick concealer from Rimmel London, called the ‘Hide the Blemish Concealer’. I think this product is ok but I find it quite drying. It’s cheap, which is why I bought it, but I’m not sure I personally would repurchase it. It worked well in this look though.

Begin by putting the concealer in any areas you want to cover, for example dark circles, red-ness and spots. I look really quite scary in this photo, but I know for beginners this may be helpful. I like to blend my concealer in with a cheeks brush.  

Over the concealer I put foundation. In the summer I normally stay away from foundation, even BB cream, because I like a lot less coverage. However for nights out, I do sometimes like its effect on my skin. The
foundation I am using in this look it the ‘Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation’. I have been using this one for a while and I must say for a cheap-ish product it works very well. I also like how it has undertones of pink instead of yellow, as this appears more natural.
I dot this on my chin, forehead and cheeks, blending it in again with a cheeks brush.

To set my skin I use powder. I like to use powder because it eliminates shine and matte-afies your face. I use the Rimmel London ‘Stay Matte’ powder. This product is amazing and is probably my most re-purchased item. I you a fluffy brush and put the powder all over, especially in the T zone.

Next I do my eyes. I am using eye shadow in this look, but decided to keep the colours quite natural and wear a bold lip. Then I put all over my eyelid is a new favourite of mine. This shade from Seventeen makeup and is called ‘funfair’. I like this because it appears natural on the eyelids, but steers away from using too many warm brown tones. I like this because I normally wear those colours in the autumn and winter, so the choice is something different. I use a large eye shadow brush- although you can use your finger if you want. The colour is a pink with a tiny bit of shimmer, although it does not make your eyes glittery.
In the inner corner of your eye (here is a photo to help you), to brighten your eyes use a light shade. I decided to use my ‘Colour Infallible’ pressed eye shadow from L’Oreal. Mine is in the shade ‘Hourglass
Beige O2’ and is sadly broken, however I still use it. The colour is very light and shimmery and I think it has rose gold undertones. I like this because it adds a little touch of glimmer to the yes, without looking childish or tacky. I use a small pointed brush to apply it and then blend it slightly.
To contour the eyes, you will need a dark shade. I chose a brown shade because I wanted it to look quite dramatic. I used a No7 eye shadow in the shade ‘Truffle’, and bought it in around my crease and under my bottom lash line. I do find this quite difficult as it takes quite a while to blend the crease with the lid colour, nonetheless it is definitely worth it.

Next I light to add some eyeliner to my waterline, this is optional and takes practise if you are a beginner. I like to do this as I think it makes my eyes look bigger and bolder. The pencil I use is from Rimmel London and is their ‘Soft Kohl’ eyeliner pencil in black.

For eyeliner on my eyelid, I am trying a new eyeliner to replace my Primark pen eyeliner. The only reason I am doing this is because I have found myself getting bored of it and I do find it doesn’t stay very well. I would defiantly recommend the Primark one for beginners though, as it is cheap and easy to apply. I am using the Soap & Glory ‘SuperCat’ liner in ‘carbon black’. I take the pen nib and line from just away from my inner corner, taking it out (whilst following the lash line) getting slightly thicker towards the end. For this look I do a small cat-eye flick, this takes a lot of practise but you basically just flick the eyeliner and join it up.

Because this look is for I night out I use my ‘They’re Real’ mascara from Benefit. This is the best mascara I have ever used, but it is so expensive. I only buy drugstore make up and Benefit is the higher end of drugstore. I was actually given this travel-size from my Nan, and I keep it for special nights out so I don’t use it up. I would really like the full size, but I can’t justify spending that much on a mascara at the moment. A cheaper drugstore alternative is the Maybelline ‘the Falsies, Volume Express’ mascara.

So that is my eyes done, now I move onto lips. I moisturise my lips I use Vaseline in ‘original’. This is really great for hydrating my lips before applying colour.

For lips I decided to choose a bold lip, something I don’t always go with but the shade feels so summery to me. This bright orange lipstick doesn’t actually come out so florescent on the lips, more of a salmon/coral colour. This lipstick is from Rimmel London and is in the shade ‘Coral Queen’.

The products:
Hourglass Beige- DISCONTINUED 
Eyeliner pencil-
Eyeliner pen-
Alternative mascara-
Lipstick- DISCONTINUED in boots but avalible:

So that’s it! I hope you like this look, and found my instructions as helpful as possible. If you would like any other makeup looks or tutorials, or even tips, just let me know in the comments. Have an amazing weekend,

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