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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Haul ~ Summer Edition - July 2014 | #summerstyle

Hey everyone,

I hope your summer’s are all going great, and that your enjoying my #summerstyle. Lately I have been preparing for a holiday to Italy so have been buying a lot of new summer items. I decided I’d do a haul for the very first time, please let me know if you like this on my blog/ any tips or improvement in the comments.

So the first and my favourite this is this top from Miss Selfridge. I looked at this top online and wanted it for ages, and one day I walked into a store and it was there- just one and in my size. I tried it on and it looked just how I imagined. I like the girly theme think top has and the attention to details. It is like a normal cami but with extra material that goes across the chest and onto the back, which is really flattering. This top is sort of cropped but not too much and I would match it with a pair of light denim jeggings or a black skater skirt.
The top cost £20 which is quite a lot but I love it a lot and it is a very nice quality.

So the next item is the pair of light wash denim jeggings I wear with the first top. These jeggins are from New Look and are from the ‘supersoft’ range and are in a really pretty light shade. These are great from summer as they are comfy and look so cute with summer tops. The light colour also means they are fit for the season and will defiantly be a statement garment in my wardrobe. 

This new top is another cami, but this one is a tribal printed one from New Look. It is made from cotton so fits really nicely and hangs very flatteringly. I like this because it is patterned but not too in your face. The top looks great with jeggings or a skater skirt and is so easy to dress up or dress down. I have been wearing this top all the time so far this summer and I am sure I will find a way to transform it into an all year top.

The next clothing item is from Primark. This pale pink top was about £5 but I haven’t got the tag as I wear it very often. I bought this around Easter and I love the 3d flower effect. This pastel coloured top is just so interesting and unique, and I love to wear it with a denim skater skirt. Sadly there is no link and it may not be available any more.

The next item is a swimming costume. I really struggled to find a swimming costume this year, as most shops only sell bikinis. I find that I don’t like to wear bikinis due to my body shape and size, and I would wear a tankini but I didn’t find one. This swimsuit was from F&F (at Tesco) and is black with bright coloured flowers. I think this looks slimming on my because of its shape and the ruching on the tummy. It is very supportive, especially is the chest area, and has a think halter tie strap. The best thing is that it is so affordable at just £15 at,4,shop,catgwomens,womens-swimwear

The next item is a pair of shoes. I love my converse but I find I can’t always afford their price tag. These shoes are a pair of rip-off white converse from Peacocks. I don’t normally shop in this shop, but when I saw these I just had to have them. I have always loved the look of white converse but have always worried about staining/ ruining them. Because these shoes were a lot cheaper, I won’t worry about this so much and I think they will be a great pair of summer shoes. I can’t wait to wear them and match them with summer outfits like skirts and dresses.

The item is my favourite buy by far; these are my new sunglasses from Accessorize. In the past, I have only ever had cheap ugly sunglasses that last a weeks holiday and I don’t wear again. However, these are a lovely pair of sunglasses that are a statement. They really add to an outfit and make everything feel more summery. The cat eye shaped frame makes you look really fashionable and put together, and I love how they obre down in darkness. Buy theme here for £14,,acc_5.2/5933122000

To go with my sunglasses I got this simple bright blue case from Primark. This case was £3 I think and fits my sunglasses perfectly. I love this case because it is hard so offers protection and will stop your sunglasses from getting too battered or broken.

Another item I got from Primark is a hat. I wanted a hat for my holiday because I know you need to protect your head, but I know my hat history isn’t good so I just got a cheap £4 hat. This white floppy hat should be good for my holiday, although the fit isn’t too great.

The only other items in this summer haul was some makeup from boots. A lot of these featured in my previous make up tutorial so I wont say much, I also haven’t had much time to test them. I got the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Waterproof mascara, the Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer, the Maybelling Dream Pure BB Cream and an Apocalips lip gloss in the shade 101 celestial.

And that’s all, this is just some of my spring/summer shopping from June for July 2014. I hope you enjoyed this type of post, and I hope you all have an amazing week,

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