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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dressing for shapes and sizes | #summerstyle

So it’s the summer holidays! I am so excited for this break from school and work and have time for friends, sun and being free to do whatever you want. My school broke up on Friday and go back in about 6 weeks.
 I just wanted to say I’m sorry I missed the upload this week but I had a lot on and decided that I’d rather miss a post than put up one that isn’t done well. But now I have some more time on my hands, I hope I will be creating some improved content.

So this post is about dressing for summer. I love summer, it’s a great time of year for doing things you don’t normally do and creating friendships. But summer does also demand a wardrobe of clothes for the heat and the sun. This is something I know, that, especially in England, isn’t always something I have. It is also, occasionally, something I am not confident with.
Summer outfits are normally made out of more skin that fabric, with short skirts, hot-pant shorts and crop tops.

Now I am someone that is not thin, and I try to work with what I have, and still feel good in what I’m wearing (because after all that’s what really matters). I am curvy, with thighs and a tummy, and I try to not let this force me out of summer clothes. Now I can’t give my advice on dressing for other body shapes, but I am happy to talk about mine if it will help other people.

I used to be lost in this world of shorts and strappy tops, when I used to where a pair of denim shorts that did not suit my body type and skin-tight tops that did me NO favours. Here is an image of just some body types, I am still unsure on my personal shape, but I know this might help some of you. It’s good to know what your body shape is, as you can do research online about the best clothes to wear.

I’d just like to say that everyone is a different shape and size, and people should remember to not judge and know that this is ok. Not everyone is thin, not everyone had large boobs, not everyone is short, not everyone has a thigh gap… and this is because we are human. We must all remember that looking thin and looking good are different things; all that matters is that you feel beautiful and then everyone will see that.

So here are my tips for the more curvy girls, like me. It may also become handy for other people of different shapes, if so let me know.

  • Focus on what you want to enhance. To give myself a better figure, I like to focus on my waist- as I personally think this gives me a nicer silhouette. You might want to focus on your legs, arms, shoulders etc.

  • Wear what you like to wear. I am a dress and skirt person, or at least I am at the moment. I think, like the point above, this gives me the waist I want to enhance. There are lots of different types of skirt/dress and some suit me and some defiantly don’t. I like to wear skater skirt styles, where the skirt is fitted around the waist and then floats out. You may prefer something else, take shorts for example shorts. You could try tighter shorts, ‘boyfriend’ shorts or fabric type shorts (as well as others). Each type enhances a different part of the body, as well as hides a different part.

  • If you like something don’t always think I can’t wear that that’s for someone of a different body shape. You must think could I make that work on my body shape? Now there are sometimes clothing garments that I can’t wear, they don’t suit me because I’m short or because I have quite a large chest. This is ok. But other times, with crop tops for example, there are many ways I make them work. I like to size up on ‘crop tops’ so that they fit slightly looser and don’t expose me too much. I also match them with high-waisted skirts, as this shows no skin- as I personally don’t like to. Therefore, I can wear the style in my own way.

  • Experiment once in a while. I often get caught in wearing the same outfit but in different colours, try to experiment and work with an item in different ways. Lately I have tried to wear jeans again. I have found jeggins work best with me, and I have been loving wearing light washed jeggins rolled up at the ankles to give them a summery touch.

  • Remember clothes are just clothes. Sometimes you can make an outfit work better and make you feel more confident in it by wearing your hair a different way, by painting your nails or just doing something different with make up.

  • Don’t let others stop you. I’ve been called ‘fat’, people have said that my skirts are too short. And all I can think is how I don’t care about their opinions. I like the skirts I wear; they actually make me feel confident in my own skin. My family, especially my mum, don’t think that my skirts are too short- so I do not let others affect me. Some people just like to judge you to make themselves feel better, these people are selfish. Someone might say that you can’t wear that playsuit because you have no chest or because you are too fat. Just remember that this person should have no impact on your life, it’s your style, not theirs, so don’t let them choose it.

So that’s just some of my summer tips for dressing for larger shapes. We are all human and this is so necessary to remember. I commonly wear something and then look at the photos a week what was I wearing, I look so large and this is OK too. I am aloud to judge myself, we all judge ourselves. What matters is that next time I make sure I wear something where I don’t think I look that way. We all make outfit mistakes, no matter what shape or size you are. Just remember that everyone is different and we can’t all be the same, so don’t be.
later and think

I hope you enjoyed this type of post, it’s something a bit different and a bit more personal, got any tips? Did you enjoy the post? Let me know in the comments and hope your summer has really begun well,

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