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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines make up

So it’s valentines day in just 2 days now! So it’s time for the post about valentines make up, if you haven’t already, why not read my post about outfit ideas as well? ( )

I don’t really know a lot about make up, im a learner but do enjoy trying different looks. These are two perfect for valentines, I hope you will like them and I do apologies

for some of the photos of the make up as the quality is bad.

Please remember, I have split both outfit and make up idea into two sections. One is girly cute heart filled valentines day (very pink) and the other is more romantic/ date/ party themed. These are not DIY’s but are a list of the products and a bit about where I used them.

For both looks I am using these products on my face,
  • Foundation, smooth effects foundation in creamy ivory (Max Factor)
  • Powder, stay matt pressed powder (Rimmel London)
  • Mascara, Black mascara (Barry M)
  • Blush, Blush in plum puff (Seventeen)

I also used a eyelash curler to curl my lashes on both looks. You can get these in sets, like i did, or buy seperatly.

Look one is ‘pretty in pink’,

This look is less of the all year look and more just for valentines! I have created this look of pink and glimmer eyes, large lashes and a lipstick heart on the cheek. The look is playful and cute, whilst being still pretty, although the lipstick heart may not appeal to all of you- I know I might not be the first to wear it in public, but it could be perfect for a valentine’s party!

The products I used and where I used them:
  • Covering the lid of the eyelid- I used a pink tone from an old (no.7) eye shadow palette but any basic matt pink would be good.
  • In the crease of my eyelid- I used a pink shimmer eye shadow. You don’t need a lot of the product I used, which was a dazzle dust in neon pink (Barry M), to give this look. Just add a little to the crease and blend with the main lid.
  • Over the eye shadow- to add a touch of sparkle, I used a sparkle roller ball (Body shop), which  really adds some girly glimmer.
  • For my lips- I used a (body shop) lip butter in coconut, as a moisturiser and then for colour I used my Kate Moss lipstick (Rimmel London) in 008
  • Then on my cheek- I used an old berry tone lipstick (no.7)

The next look is called ‘red carpet glam’,

This make up look in made up of a glittery bronzy eye shading mix, with a bit of a smoky eye style, cat flicked eye liner and a bold romantic red lip. I have worn this look before for events and occasions, but also think it would be great for a date night look.

The products I used and where I used them:
  • On the eyelids- I used, over the main part of the eye lid, a colour inflammable eye shadow (in hourglass beige although this is old stock from L’oreal Paris)  I used the lightest tone in the corner of my eyes from my (no.7) in good earth, which is a natural tone palette. Then in the crease of my eye I used a dazzle dust (Barry M) in chocolate, this is a bronzy brown shade
  • For the eyeliner- to create the cat eye flick I used the eyeliner from the natural collection, although I don’t really like this one, it doesn’t last well and is too thin.
  • Lips- On my lips I used the (body shop) lip butter in coconut, as a moisturiser and then over a splash of colour with my lip crayon in red (I don’t know from where). You could also use a clear gloss for extra shine

So I hope you enjoyed these two looks and have a great valentines. Please give my some comments and advice on my blog posts, I want to get better for you. Have a lovely weekend,

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