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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Positivity post #1

Hey guys,

So this post isn't going to be about beauty or fashion, this is going to be my first quote post, where I’m going to choose a post that may link with my life or just something positive to put into my blog.

So this is this week’s quote and I think it is so true because it is simply the way it is. We view this world through our own eyes, everyone sees different moments differently and I think this is both a fact and an opportunity. Now I’m not saying that everything in life is great and happy but I think we should all try our best to make it more like this.
If you are faced with a horrible situation, like someone is rude to you or argues with you, I think nothing can really change how you feel. It is ok to feel sad and angry sometimes. The problem is when you let this ‘sometimes’ become all the time. You can’t always feel this way; it is too difficult and makes life feel hellish. Even if you feel your everyday life is difficult and pathetic, you can change this. The power to your own life lies in your hands, and it is you’re responsibly to change the path of your life.
Imagine that you are having a bad day, its raining; you’ve lost your keys, forgot your homework, have double maths in the afternoon and yelled at someone you didn’t need to. Life feels like it sucks and all you want to do is curl up and cry, now is your opportunity. This bad day is just one filter of your day. Now try a different one, think of all the good that you have taken for granted, like your friends hug, the food you have, the coat that keeps you shielded from the weather, the supportive staff at school and the fact there are people that ask if you’re ok. Here is your choice. You can be moody and carry on the way you are or you can put a smile on your face and brighten up your day. This may seem like it changes nothing, but when you add up all the good days, life feels a lot better!!!

Just remember that no matter how bad your situation is, there is always someone worse and you should be happy and not ungrateful for the way your world is.
I am not perfect, I get moody, angry, sad and dull but I do pride myself on seeing the next hour, or next day, as a new challenge to be happy and good. I always try to forgive and forget and I am always trying to make my world the way I want it to be, with more people being happy and less being grumpy.

I hoped you like this positivity post, this was more of a don’t be grumpy all the time one though! Please comment down below what you thought and if you agreed with me. I hope you are all well and having good days,


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