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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Floral Nail Polish DIY

So its half term at last, I know it feels like ages since the Christmas holiday for me, and I hope all of your weeks are as amazing as possible.

At my school, in England, as part of the uniform rules we are not allowed to wear nail polish. I hate this as I love to do and wear nail polish. So in half term one of my first activities is to paint my nails.

Although I love nails and nail polish, which I am quite good at applying on my own nails, I do make mistakes.When I try daring new nail ideas, mistakes do happen. I tried a black and white dot look, with floral on the accent nail, but it failed! So when I’d bought myself a new top coat and gorgeous pink shade, I was brave enough to try again- having inspiration from this image I discovered on Follow my Pinterest here , although I barely use it!

Here is a list of all the colour polishes I used, where you can get them and price, if they are not available anymore I will link an alternative.

  • Topcoat/ Basecoat- my favourite has to be ‘All in One’ Nail Paint by BarryM and is available in most if not all make up stores. This product is a basecoat, topcoat and adds shine. It is also a nail hardener and is my top tip for nails polish lasting and looking great. I have tried more expensive ones and a variety of similar clears, but this is my personal best find. Find it here, for just £2.99:
  • ‘Mint Green’ by BarryM is the background on the accent floral nail. It is one of the traditional nail paints, in a beautiful pastel green shade. I got it in  a set a while ago, but it is also available for £2.99 here
  • ‘Shocking pink’ by BarryM. I used this for the original blob on the nail. One of the normal nail paint price of £2.99 here at
  • For the top highlight I used a really old nail polish from a cheap set from an unknown brand. Mine has a slight glitter in it, but for a light pink shade, I think ‘baby pink’ from BarryM would be similar. It is again from their normal nail paint range but is only £1.99!
  • The next is the colour for the other nails and middle pink shade. It is an absolutely gorgeous colour from Kelly Brook nails, found in New Look stores, although I can’t find a link online. I bought this really recently so it should still be available. It cost just £2.99. The label of the bottles just says- ‘KB nail polish- nautilus’.
·        For the leaves of the flowers I used a Rimmel London nail polish, from the lasting finish range. It is a emerald green shade called ‘block your green’. It again is avalible for just £2.99, at Superdrug.

Just follow the steps on the pinterest image or my photo step by step (although the images are a little blurry) to create this look, it takes practise but I’m proud with my left hand result, even though my right is a complete mess!!!

I hope this inspired you to try these fun floral nails or some colour nail paint inspiration. Please leave a comment below saying what your favourite nail polish idea is. I hope you enjoyed this,

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