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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Impulse spray review

Hey guys,

So lately I have been really obsessed with how I smell and have been really interesting in finding new scents, therefore, for the month of January and February, I have tested out five new Impulse body sprays and thought I’d review them for you.

Over the time I tested the scents tease, romantic spark, temptation, loving words and sweet smile and I will rate them from my least like to my favourite.

The first of the sprays I tested was called Tease, and is the scent of red fruits and wood. You can buy
the product here and costs £1.99. I really hate this spray actually, I found that it was completely wrong and overpowering and have only worn it twice. The scent can only by described, in my opinion, as heavy, horrid and a smell that reminds me of something an old woman might wear. I wouldn't recommend this smell.                                                                                    
The second body spray was called Romantic Spark, and is the scent of violet and white wood. This product is available here for £1.99. I like this perfume as it reminds me of a perfume. It is again a very strong scent but is also quite feminine and fresh. I think this would be preferred for an evening out.   

The next scent I tested was called Loving Words, which is the scent of violet and raspberry and it is available here for £1.99- . I would describe this smell to be fresh and fun, it feels energetic and I think it adds a shot of interest. I think this is a bit of a summer scent, but is still a very nice scent for spring.                                                 

The penultimate spray I tested was temptation, the scent of vanilla and peace, and cost £1.99 here . I really like the scent because I think it has the perfect balance of fruity and feminine. When I wear this I feel the scent is girly but also feels light and never heavy. I would prefer this for a party or occasion.                        

The last but favourite of all the sprays I tested is Sweet Smile, in pear and jasmine, which again is £1.99 . I used the same spray in the summer last year but for some reason stopped using it, but now I have
fallen back into love with it. This scent is a fresh, fun and fruity mixture and is just strong enough to last throughout the day. Every time I wear it, it reminds me of the summer and I always get compliments about it. I think it smells like a perfect perfume, a beautiful combination. This is my absolute favourite scent at the moment and I would recommend it for any occasion or event.

I hope you like this post, and maybe you were inspired to buy or try one of the Impulse body sprays. Please let me know if you want be to review any other products, just comment down below. Thanks, have a great 

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