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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines outfit ideas

So this week holds a very special day in it- valentines day!
Although I am mostly grumpy on valentines day, it has to be said, I do still enjoy this day themed around love and romance. Today’s post and also Wednesday’s post will be themed around valentines day. Today is some outfit ideas and then Wednesday is all about make up! I hope you enjoy.

So I have split both outfit and make up idea into two sections. One is girly cute heart filled valentines day (very pink) and the other is more romantic/ date/ party themed.

So this is the first outfit. It is simple and casual, comfortable and easy to create. It exists of just some jeans/ jeggins, I had blue ones but you could swap this to any other colour. For a top I choose a heart top from new look. I have had this for ages, but you could choose any top with a heart theme for this valentines look. I finished the look with my pair of berry Converse.

The next still girly themed outfit is this. I choose this jumper, which I bought new this year from New Look, find it here at, which is a lightweight cream top/ jumper with black decorative heart details. I think this is perfect for valentines because it is cute but subtle. I had to wear a white top underneath though because the jumper/top was slightly see-through. Then to finish I added a denim skater skirt, nude tights and black shoes.

For the next outfit I choose this dress. It is grey with black floral pattern on it, with a skater like skirt on it. To accessorise I added a black cardigan and black bottie heels, with the alternative of adding berry and cream frilled socks (from Primark). This can be recreated with any dressy clothes/ dress you have and some simple accessorises.

The last valentines outfit is this one. It is all based on a skater skirt, which I have dressed up so it seems a little less casual. The black and floral skirt, from H&M , it is a simple skirt and I have just added a black strappy top, nude tights and black booties. Also because it is cold outside, I have added a woollen berry cardigan, which looks really cute and is so comfortable with the skirt! Overall I think this is perfect for a ‘date night’ as it isn’t casual but isn’t too dressed up.

 I hope you have been inspired by these ideas; I’d love to hear what you think. Please comment down below or share with Google+. Hope you are all well,

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