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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Life Update: Spring, Revision + Easter Eggs


Spring is finally here and as I haven’t really done a chatty post in a while, I decided that I’d do a little ‘Life Update’ post. I like writing these and I also like reading similar posts, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

So Spring has sprung and I’m so excited about it. I’ve always said that winter is my favourite time of year but I’m pretty thrilled to see some colour and sunshine. It’s been really hot in the UK recently and we’ve had a few lovely sunny days! I am also obsessed with the daffodils that are everywhere at the moment too because they are my favourite flower. Yellow has been my favourite colour since I watched Lala on the Teletubbies and I just love the bright pop of colour the flowers bring. I even had my own bunch that I had in my room and I just wish they’d have lasted longer. Spring promises bright mornings, coat-less days and the chance to wear a few more summery outfits.

Next I wanted to talk about revision. I am in year 10 (aged 15) and this year is my first year of proper GCSE exams. In May and June this year, I will have two Ethics and Philosophy exams (RE- short course and long course), an ICT exam and all of my Maths exams as I am doing two year maths. I am quite apprehensive about all of it as I don’t quite know how I’ll cope, and revision is the first step. 

My school gives a bit of advice about revision but I still feel like they don’t do enough. I feel like I’m on my own now and I have to guess how I’ll revise best, for how long and when. However I am doing research into tips for revisions- but if you have any advice then let me know! I think I am a visual learner, so react well to mindmaps, posters and the use of colour in my notes.

As you’ll probably all know, Easter has just passed and this has brought me the gift of Easter eggs. I know I’m possibly getting a little old for this annual tradition but when I walked down on Easter Sunday and the eggs were there waiting- well I did a little jump for joy. I have found out that my addiction to mini eggs is getting obsessive as they are literally the best chocolate sweet thing ever, but I’ve bought a few bags before they go out of stores (yes, I’m prepared!).

So there is my little update for you. I like how simple these are and yet they seem to share some of my thoughts on current everyday life! I really hope you’re having a great Spring-y day and that your week is full of loveliness, 

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  1. Good luck for your exams! :) In terms of revision, I like to use colourful pens to write and organise my notes with. That way, I actually enjoy looking at them! xD Although have to admit, it does take quite a bit of effort and time to switch around colours and such D: xx

  2. Easter eggs are irresistible, they're yummy! I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award. check the link over here ( and let me know when you're done!

    Micah || Michastela.