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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Book Review: The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force

I’m sure many of you wonderful people are Youtube fans like me and will have realised the recent influx in content creators writing and producing books. Now, it’s a hotly debated and controversial topic, and I can definitely say that some of these books are a lot better than others, but when British beauty and fashion blogger Fleur de Force released ‘The Glam Guide’, I had to get my hands on it!

The Glam Guide is Fleur’s lifestyle book, filled with interesting advice and fashion tips that have also built her successful blog and channel.

One of my most investigated factors was who actually wrote this book. Although I understand the need of ghost-writers, when you’re under the impression a Youtuber has written a book, than you want them to have actually written it. That’s one of the wonderful things about The Glam Guide because Fleur actually wrote it and there’s no ghost-writers hidden in the T&Cs.

Fleur’s naturally creative and captivating writing style is what really brings this book to life, clearly developed through her blog and Youtube carrier.

The Glam Guide is a great easy-to-read coffee table book, whether you want to pick it up and read a few pages or consume the entire book in just a few days – I was the latter of the two. When I got the book, I decided to keep it as a holiday treat and I just could not put it down. I read this on the plane, on the beach- I was completely addicted.

If you are a lover of Fleur or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this read. The Guide touches on the themes of fashion, beauty, healthy, happiness and everything else along the way. However this is not a book that’s all about her, it is more of a style handbook for the everyday girl and woman.

This book has clearly been really well thought out and immaculately planned, from the chapter titles to the ‘top tip’ boxes that pop up every now and again. Some pages have large paragraphs, others are sectioned into bitesize phrases. I especially liked the 10 quick tip pages that summed up the last chapter and gave concise advice.

One of the other most appealing factors of this book is the incredible presentation. I truly believe The Glam Guide is the most beautiful book I’ve ever owned and I’m sure will be for a long time to come. This book is filled with stunning photography that captures Fleur’s incredible beauty, striking graphics and drawings that make her words come to life. All of this put together is what makes The Glam Guide such a pleasure to read. From the rose gold titles on the front cover to the thoughtful acknowledgment at the beach, this was a cover-to-cover page-turner and I loved it.

I would really recommend it to Fleur’s fans, any fashion/ beauty lovers or any young teens and women that want a few tips on becoming as gorgeous and ‘glam’ as Fleur. The book is £14.99 (or £7.49 on Amazon) but personally I think it’s worth every penny and I know I’ll be referring back to it for some extra advice when relevant! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and have a good day, 

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