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Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Travel Diary: Dominican Republic

So it’s time for a new instalment of ‘my travel diary’. So for the end of March to the start of April, I went with my family to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This island is in the Caribbean and we went away to have a relaxing beach holiday!

The Dominican Republic is a very tourist based island. It’s a stunning place, with the picturesque white sandy beaches, palm tree and a lovely hot temperature. Now, for my family and I, we went away for a relax holiday, and I wouldn’t say if you’re looking for exploring then it is a destination for you. However for us it was great!

We went to an all-inclusive hotel called the Royalton. It was an amazing hotel, with lovely staff and an all-round great experience. There were lots of restaurants, pools and you could walk from your room to the pool in under 5 minutes!

On one morning, my sister and I woke up really early and went to the beach to see the sunrise. It was absolutely beautiful and I took some lovely photos. Lots of families and couples gathered on the beach, all watching as the sun slowly appear and float into the sky- spreading shades of orange, pinks and blues.

On one day, we also went on a day trip ‘safari’ trip. The trip’s purpose was to show visitors and tourists what real life is in the Caribbean. We went into the mountains near Punta Cana and went through many local villages. The villages are definitely not picturesque but it was good to see what real life looks like. The trip also supports local schools and education in the country, so the cost went towards its charity. If it hadn’t have been the Easter holidays then we would’ve actually meet some children, but obviously they weren’t at school. As we drove back in our safari truck, all the children would wave and smile. We also went to a typical Dominican Republic family house and went on a tour of a local plantation. We saw where they grow cocoa, coconut oil, vanilla, coffee and lots more- and we got the opportunity to taste chocolate tea which was amazing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my holiday pictures, I had a lovely week and it was a great to get to relax and chill. I would really recommend the area if you’re looking for a holiday to relax in- I certainly loved it! I hope you all have a lovely spring-filled day,

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely time! Wonderful pictures :) x