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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Drugstore Makeup Bag


So today I decided to do another makeup themed post. In the past I’ve done a travel makeup bag and makeup bag starter kit, but I am yet to do a drugstore favourites makeup bag. I don’t have many high-end items, but some of my makeup isn’t as easily available as it isn’t sold at the drugstore. Therefore, today’s post will have be a collection of my top products that are available from Boots or Superdrug. 

I will include enough products to create an easy affordable makeup look, and a few extra tip choices.
The first item is a concealer. There are a few really good concealers available at the drugstore, and my current favourite is the RimmelWake Me Up. I like this concealer for spring as it’s lighter but still has good coverage. The doofer stick applicator is the applicant that I normally opt for as it is easy to apply just the right amount. It is also such an inexpensive choice at £5.49!

Next is a powder that I’ve talked about so much on this blog- so I’ll keep it brief. The Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ powder is my favourite and I’ve continued to use it because I just cannot resist it. At £3.99, I simply believe that this item is a steal- so if you haven’t tried it yet- then you should!

Now the order of this is all a little mixed up, but I wanted to talk about my favourite eyes products.
My favourite mascara at the moment is from No7- a brand sold in Boots. I’ve not really used many No7 products but my mum swears by them, so after trying a mascara tester, I decided to invest in this- the No7 ExtremeLength mascara. I love this mascara because it gives me thick, full lashes without them looking too natural or too fake. It’s the perfect in-between and is so easily to apply with the wand. It’s not the cheapest mascara the drugstore has to offer, with alternatives from brands like Maybelline and Rimmel available for about £9, but I think it’s worth the £12.50 that they ask for.

My fourth item is an eyeshadow palette. I’ve had this natural eyeshadow palette for a few months now and I’ve got a lot of use out of it. I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect palette (so if you have better recommendations then please let me know) but the quality of shadows and shade choice is really good. My palette is in the shade ‘Au Natural’ from Sleek and is just £7.99!

Eyeliner is often the highlight of my makeup look, so I decided to include a pencil and pen choice.
The pencil eyeliner is from the brand MUA (Superdrug) and I use this to line my waterline. I have the white shade and if you want to check out how I use it- then click to see my eye routine. It is an outstanding £1, so you can try out a few shades and not have to feel a slight bit guilty!

The pen eyeliner is my essential Supercat liner from Soap & Glory. I love, love, love, love, love this. The thing pen nib makes this easy to apply and the liner just glides effortlessly. It is also really simple to create the perfect eyeliner flick with this and you can try out lots of different liner styles. It’s available in Boots for just £6 and after recently re-purchasing, I can totally say that it’s worth any penny.

Onto lips. My top lip moisturiser is the Nivea lip butter in the flavour macadamia and vanilla. It’s a clearly creamy formula and I find it so nourishing on the lips. Although it’s in a tin so is a bit of a pain to use, I like this and I’d pay the £2.25 again and again.

For lip gloss I’ve choosen my Soap & Glory Sexy MotherPucker Gloss Stick in the shade Nudist. This is well loved by many bloggers and Youtubers and also by me. It’s my top natural lip look and if I want an easy-to-wear and effortlessly lovely shade then I go for this. At £8, there are cheaper options but nothing as good as this- or not a gloss I have found yet.

For a bold lip, I’ve recently been using this MaybellineColour Drama lip pencil in the pillarbox red shade ‘red essential’. If you want to see it in work then check out my ‘Rocking the Red Lip’ makeup look! I have found this a little drying, but the colour is so opaque and long-lasting that I don’t seem to mind! Its £4.99, so is at the cheaper end of drugstore lip products and is you like bold lips, or if you fancy giving them a try, then this is a superb option.

My other lipstick choice are my trusty Rimmel Kate lastingfinish lipsticks. I have two of these and I just love them. They are comfortable to wear and the shade choices are great- so they’ll surely be one perfect for you. I have the rosy shade 08, shown in the photo, and the raspberry rink colour 30. As
they are just £5.49, they are a bargain price for a lipstick- especially as they are such good quality.

My last items I decided to include are some makeup brushes. These are by Real Techniques and my top brushes are the powder brush- for powder, the contour brush that I use for concealer and a medium shadow brush that is part of the starter kit. Real Techniques brushes are such good quality and although they’re a little bit expensive, they will last for years.

So that’s all! That’s a small collection of my top drugstore products that make up my drugstore makeup bag. If you have any recommendations then I would love to know- especially any new concealers or lip products (as I’m always looking to try new ones of these). I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ll all have a great week, 

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