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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rediscovery- Eyelash Curlers

When giving my makeup collection a bit of a look over recently, I stumbled across my eyelash curlers that appeared a little unloved and unused. I went through a stage of absolutely loving the thing, but then when new mascaras and products arrived, these curlers were pushed further and further back into the drawer.

So, why the blog post? Well, I decided to give the eyelash curlers another go and I’ve fallen back in love with them. I just found that curling my lashes before mascara really made them look better! It is a bit of a fuss to have to go through the step of curling but it is definitely worth it after. It makes your mascara look better and your eyelashes look longer and more voluminous.

I would really recommend that if you’ve never tried curling your lashes, or you too have got lazy and have given up on this clever tool, then go and give it a go. My eyelash curler is a basic one from a makeup gift set from Seventeen I had a few years ago, but there are plenty of good ones. I know that the ones from Primark’s PS Love makeup range are meant to be good because of the handle, but I’m pretty sure everyone is practically the same. The cheapest ones from Boots are about £4.50 and they rise to more high-end prices.

I think eyelash curlers are really underrated makeup tools and I now know that they’re a worthy step in my makeup routine. I know todays post is quite short and simple, but sometimes they’re the best kind aren’t they? Just a small sum up of my recent thoughts and re-discoveries. I hope the sun is shining where you are and that you all have lovely days, 

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