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Sunday, 5 October 2014

September Favourites

So I now this post is going to be a little late, but as we’re still only in our first week of October, I decided I’d still put up my September favourites. This post will only be a short one because there aren’t that many new favourite things this month- but there are also some products which I’ve been adoring.

First are two necklaces that I received for my birthday, that I forgot to put in My birthday haul, but I have been loving. I’ve been getting into accessories now autumn is coming, and I’ve always wanted some pretty dainty necklaces like these. The silver triangle necklace is quite short, but works well with a simple or complicated outfit, the other is a gorgeous gold wishbone necklace which I think is so cute and effective. They are both really affordable and are from ASOS.
Triangle necklace
Wishbone necklace

The neck item of my September favourites is actually a lip balm. I’ve written about a few different lip balms recently (like my liploving post), but this one is defiantly the best. I bought this for the back to school season, but this balm has been moved between me school bag and make up drawers practically every day. Nivea is a great lip balm brand, and this is just the original ‘essential care’ version. I bought the stick version, and am so glad I did, as I can put it on quickly and anywhere- not having to worry about dirty fingers. My only problem is that recently a snapped the stick… so I guess it’s time to repurchase.

The next product is another birthday present, but this time it’s my mascara from Benefit. The ‘They’re real’ mascara really is the best mascara I’ve ever used. It adds length, volume and definition, coating each lash for a bold look.  Build it up, dress it down, this mascara works for any occasion. My favourite thing about it is the wand though, I love the end of the tip as it is great for separating top and bottom lashes.
They're Real mascara

This product is one I never expected to see in a favourites post. ‘Baby Lips’ had a really hype earlier this year, and when I bought one for myself- I hated it. However, now I have been loving it. I don’t know what has changed, but when I picked it up earlier this month it just worked for me. I love to use this as an everyday lip for school, as it is sheer but adds a tiny tint of colour. I have the shade ‘Peach Kiss’ and would recommend it for a natural look.

So the fifth favourite is again a birthday present. This Scottie fog block calendar is literally my favourite room accessory at the moment. I get so excited when I get to change it every morning, and have noticed how I am now aware of the data- which is so useful at school! I think you can get this sort of thing anywhere and in so many different styles, but mine is defiantly the best one I’ve seen.

The penultimate item is one I featured earlier this month in my *bmmdi* post. Ever since I’ve used it, I’ve noticed such a difference in the removing of makeup. The Garnier Micellar cleansing water is amazing for taking off makeup and cleaning my skin. It’s a cheap alternative to some of the top end makeup removers, and is available in so many shops and supermarkets.

So my last favourite is my Frizz Ease Dream curls shampoo and conditioner. I reviewed these here but they still impress me after every wash. Totally recommend.

Activity of the month: Cooking. I baked some marble cupcakes this month and there were yummy, really reminded me how much I love to bake.

Aim for October: Get back into skincare.

So that’s all for this post, I added a new aim section so you can know what I’m going to try and improve. Next months in skincare because since we went back to school, I’ve become so lazy when it comes to it so that’s my target! I hope you all had an amazing September and that your Octobers are all magical,


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