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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What's in my Carry On Bag?

So this post is going to be an updated ‘what's in my carry on bag’ post because I am going on holiday so soon, and this is one of my favourite posts to do. Personally I love ‘what's in my bag’ posts, and thought I would give you an insight to what I’m taking when I travel.
So I am going on a 12 hour journey, which includes a car ride and plane trip, so I’ve put a lot of thought into everything I’m taking. I also got a few new items to put in my carry on, as well as a new bag I am SO excited to use!

So the first item I’m going to show you is the new bag. I am in love with this backpack and think it’s so cute as well as being very stylish. It’s one of the new square backpacks that are in fashion at the moment, and it is from New Look. I am really impressed with the range of bags New Look has in at the moment, and there are so many of these square backpack-type bags. The bag I choose is a black faux leather backpack, with gold hardwear and a statement zip on the front. I was so surprised with all the space in this bag, you could even fit an A4 folder if you wanted!

The second item is a magazine. I like to read when I travel, as it gives you something to do that isn’t evolved around technology but can still keep you focsed. Magazines are great as they can give you a break from reading books, and are more visual. The magazine I have is a Look magazine, which I currently have a subscription to. I like fashion magazines to read but there is such a range, so find one you like! A tip is to either save up on magazines issues or buy lots of different ones so that you have multiple copies to read!

On the subject of reading, my next item is a book. This book is one I'm soooo excited to read! 'One Million Lovely Letters...' by Jodi Ann Bickley. I'll tell you how I get on with this, but it's great for travel because it's not a thick, hard-backed heavy book. 

Following this is a different type of book. I love art and find drawing and doodling so calming and therapeutic, so when I first saw adult colouring books I got so excited! I bought myself this as a treat for my holiday and it is the ‘secret garden’ adult colouring book. I can’t wait to use this on my journey to my holiday, I think it will be great for on the plane and spare time in the airport. These books can really range in price, but I got mine for £6.97 from amazon.

The fifth, and sixth, items are notebooks. I like to write down my thoughts, and am taking my blog notebook and a new one I bought for the holiday. My holiday notebook is this pretty map design (I thought it would be apt for the occasion), and I like to organise everything ‘holiday’ in it, from a daily diary to outfit designs. In my blog book I simply schedule posts and plan everything you see on this page!

So if I’m taking a drawing book and notebooks I am going to need pens and pencils. So my seventh carry on bag item is a pencil case! This pencil case is a blue and floral one pouch case. Inside I keep a range of pens and pencils, as well as some staedtler colouring pencils and my new stabile felt tips! I bought these pens after searching for them for ages. They were on offer in WHSmiths, and thought I’d spurge. The pens are great quality, the colour range is huge and the tip of the pen is just the right thickness.

Another pouch I’m bringing is one I’m using for my beauty items. This adorable floral pig pouch is from Primark and I think it was £3 ish. Inside I am keeping my liquids, that will be in a clear sandwich bag (because I’m going on a plane) and all the bits and bobs I think will be handy on the journey:-

·         So the first thing in my pouch is a mini hairbrush and hairbands. Because I’m traveling for so long, I was really keen to have something to control my hair. I find it most comfty to wear my hair down, but if I want to put it up or brush it, I have these things handy.

·         The next thing is a pack of Simple wipes. As I’ve said I’ll be traveling for quite a while, so I wanted some face wipes for if I want to refresh my skin, take of my makeup or if my makeup smudges. I have the smaller pack that simple do because it is more convenient.

·         I get quite dry hands, and whenever I go anywhere I normally bring a hand cream with me. I decided to treat myself and buy a new hand cream I’ve wanted to try for ages, the Soap&Glory ‘HandFood’. This is 50 ml so is ok on the flight, and I think it will come in useful!

·         Another hand item I am putting in my pouch is a hand sanitizer. I bought this because planes can be quite germ-y and I’ll want to clean my hands before eating. I decided to buy the Carex ‘Moisture PlusHand Gel’, which not only cleans your hands but keeps them moisturised too. This is great because some hand sanitizers can be really drying!

·         I am also taking some makeup. This is just some simple but essential makeup for if I take my makeup off on the plane and want to put some more on! So I'm taking a concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss stick and lip balm

The last few items are my phone and some earphones. I use my phone for music as well, and have updated it recently so I can listen to my favourite music on the plane. To keep my headphones tidy, I also like to keep them in a small change purse, like this pink one. 

And that’s all that’s in my bag! I hoped you enjoyed taking a look into my carry on bag, if you have any other travel tips, please leave them in the comments!

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