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Friday, 24 October 2014


So welcome to my first look of my ‘Halloween Tutorial’ series! I’m so excited to announce that I will be doing different make up looks all for Halloween 2014! The whole idea is that these looks are cheap, easy and affordable looks that will be inspired by everyday makeup- with a few optional extras. Stay tuned to my blog this week to see the final looks I’m showing you, but for today, it’s my ‘Pink Fairy’ look.
I themed this look around glitter and pink, and wanted a less ‘scary’ Halloween option. I think this look is so cute, and could be the highlight of your costume.

1.       Take a pink shimmery eye shadow. I used my Seventeen eyeshadow in Funfair over my whole eyelid and bought forward to the corner of my eye and around the bottom. So you will have a ring of pink shadow. Blend with a brush.
Then take a more glittery shadow, I used a pink dazzle dust from Barry M. I would really recommend this product as it is so cheap and really adds to the final appearance.

2.       Next I took a pink thick eyeliner pencil, this was again a Barry M super soft eye crayon. I took this on my waterline and then below my lash line and on my lid.
Then I take a glitter roll on, this really made the look seem more fairy-like, and my face was shimmering like mad! This is a Body Shop Sparkle Roller Ball and again this is one of the products I’d recommend you buy, or buy similar, if you wanted to create this Halloween look.

3.       Thirdly, take a black eyeliner of your choice and draw a thin liner close to the lash line. Then at the end, carefully flick it into a swirl. Take your time at this step, and then repeat on the other eye.
Add a mascara of your choice to finish the eyes.

4.       For lips, you want a pink lip. I mixed a bunch of light pink lipsticks, glosses and crayons. Two examples are this Seventeen lip gloss and lip crayon. Have fun with this, but make sure it’s not uncomfortable.

And that’s it! I love this look and you can change it to suit you. I would have either an over the top pink outfit with wings and a wand, or just an all-black, or all-white simple look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, the first of many! Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below,

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