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Sunday, 26 October 2014


So this is going to be another make up look of my ‘Halloween tutorials’ series, which I hope you are all enjoying. I’ve seen a lot of looks of Youtube which are for zombies and dead bodies, which I thought were a bit too dramatic, over the top and gruesome. Therefore I decided to do a less intense skeleton look, so then you can choose to make it more or less intense. Again, the look is meant to be based on makeup products that you would already have or that you can buy cheaply at a drugstore;
you can add your own products to this, or if you wanted to use other sources such as face paint.

*** Be warned that some of these products have not been intended to be used on the areas I used them. I take no responsibility for any harm caused***

1. I decided to keep my skin bare, because I wanted to create a dead-looking skin appearance so I kept up natural skin and dark bags.

2. Next I take my eyeshadow palette. This is the Sleek au natural palette, and I used the two darkest shades: noir and regal. If you are using your own shades, dark blacks and browns are best, and a matt appearance is also the most effective look.

3. Take the next-to-darkest shade and put it is all the places that would be hollow on a skeleton, like under your eyes, around your nose and lines along the cheeks.

4. On a smaller brush, take a small amount of black and put it on the hollow parts. This will give
the appearance of deeper parts of the face, like a skeleton. If you are confused about this step, click here to see a googled search of similar Halloween make up looks that make this step look more obvious.

5. Use the concealer, or nude lipstick, on the lips to lighten them to a skin colour.

6. Take any type of black eyeliner, I used a pen and liquid one, and draw teeth like lines over the lips. Make them larger and exaggerated, and bring them a few centimetres onto the cheeks. They should line up with the pre-drawn lines.
Then draw a line to join up the check lines, it should take you across the centre of the lips.

7. To finish, I decided to add some mascara as this look would probably be worn to a Halloween party, and you still want to look alive- ish!

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this look, I would love to see yours too! If you link them down below I’m sure to check them out!!! Not long now till Halloween for all those who love it,
I hope you are all having a great time,

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