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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


So this is the last of my ‘Halloween Tutorial Series’ and it is one of my favourite Halloween looks- the cat. I was inspired by my look last year, and decided I’d recreate this bold, but pretty cat makeup.

Last year, I wore this look with scruffy back-combed hair, metal cat ears and all black clothes (top, skirt, tights and shoes). I think this look is really effective, you could even add false lashes to make it even more dramatic!

So I began with my simple face makeup done, for me this was just concealer, but you could use foundation and contouring.

1.       To start the cat look you need to use some eyeshadow. I choose to go with a glittery eye so that the dark eyeliner really stands out. I used this beautiful eyeshadow, which is a L’Oreal ‘Colour Infailliable’ in the shade ‘Hourglass’. I put this all over my eyelid and below under my eyes. On top of this I put a dark brown in the crease of my eyelid and blend. To top this of I use a glitter rollable to distribute glitter all over the eye.

2.       Next is the cat eyeliner. To begin, I take my Supercat liner and line my eye from the inner corner of my eye to the end of my eyelid. Then I roughly create a flick line and make it thick and bold. I also make the line, which is close to my lashes, thick. Then I take the eyeliner and draw a line under my eye, keeping close to the lashes. To make the look more cat-like, you want to bring the liner at the inner corner and create a small flick down. Add lots of mascara, for extra drama, make sure you layer it!

3.       I now do the nose. I take any liquid eyeliner and follow the shape of my nose so that it looks more like an animal nose. Be careful not to get it up your nose! Then you must follow the nose to the lips with a thin straight line.
  For the whiskers you can do any amount of whiskers, of any thickness and length. Match these on the other cheek.

4.  To finish the look I moisturise my lips and then I choose a dark lip. I choose this berry/pink shape and roughly added it to my lips. You could change this to a very dark black/purple or keep it lighter, like a pale nude.

So that’s it and this is the last of mu tutorials! I have really enjoyed making these looks, I hope you have enjoyed watching them too! Let me know what you’re being for Halloween too! I hope you all have a haunting-ly good Halloween,