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Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Travel Make Up Bag


So this post is going to be my travel make up bag products. I am going away for a casual family long-weekend holiday, so I have decided to review my products I am currently finding essential. I’d like to say that this was a small collection and the holiday won’t include any dressy nights, so I didn’t pack for this

So to start, my little travel make up bag is this cute brown faux leather and navy floral print. I adore the pattern and the leather means it is easy to wipe of stains. The wording on the label reads ‘make me beautiful’, which I think is so cute and sweet.

The first product in my make up bag is my ‘Collection, Lasting Perfection’ foundation in the shade ‘Porcelain’. I ran out of an old foundation about a month ago, and wanted to try something new so I tried this. I have been liking this as an everyday foundation but sometimes I do find it a little heavy and hard to blend in on my skin. I think the shade is warm to your skin but very occasionally I do feel conscious of being tinted orange? Overall I like this foundation though, although the pump packaging gets very messy.  It is available for £5.99 here:

My powder is the ‘Rimmel, Stay Matt’ powder which I use every day to set my foundation and matt my skin. I love this product so much and rely on it everyday. I have repurchased this 3 or 4 times so far and I think it is great if you don’t want to spend too much on expensive powders, like me. The powder is available, in the new packaging, for £3.99 here:

Next I won’t talk much about, it is a much loved product on my blog- the ‘Body Shop, Lip butter’ in coconut. I use this to moisturise my lips every day. Available here, for £4.00:

I think this product was in my ‘April favourites post’ (read: and it is my ‘Kate Moss’ lipstick in ‘08’. This shade is a lovely everyday wearable rosy pink tone. I would describe this lipstick as your lips but better, and the consistently lasts well. I use this lipstick all the time, just to add a little to my lips and I must say it is beautiful. It is available here, for £3.99:

This product’s packaging has come away, but it is basically a felt tip eyeliner from Primark, yes Primark, and cost only £1.50. I love this product, for the price it is a brilliant make up item. I use this a lot to line my eyes and create different looks. It is well pigmented and build-able, and the nib of the pen is small which I find very useful. Mine is in a black shade, and has lasted me a few months so far!

Next are mascaras. I did a review on some mascaras very early on this year, (read: and basically I use two. This one is my ‘Max Factor, false lash effect’ in the shade ‘black/brown’. I like this mascara as an everyday mascara, because it extends my lashes and the ‘black/brown’ shade is really wear-able and cute. I find the colour less shocking, so good for natural/ school looks. You can buy it here for £10.99,

The other mascara I take around is from ‘BarryM’. It is their ‘3in1, intense black mascara’. I use this mascara on weekend or when I’m going out. It makes my lashes look fake and bold, enough to extend their look and make a statement. I don’t use this everyday because I do find it can clump and the look is a bit too much for school. It is available here, for £6.19:

The next product was a freebie from ‘No.7’ a while ago and I’ve been really liking it for spring/summer. The product is a lip crayon in a glittery pink shade, and I love to wear this with or without my Kate Moss Lipstick. It’s not as good as many other lip crayons though, and I am looking for a new one, do you have any recommendations? It is available here, for £9.00, although I don’t think it’s worth that

Next is eye shadow. I don’t have any space for pallets so I am just taking one circular 3 pallet. This is my ‘No.7, good earth’ pallet that comes with a high, low and medium shade. These are great to build up looks or for everyday wear. I find these eye shadows last well and the shades are a lovely neutral set. It is available here, for £9.50,

The last things in my make up bag are my brushes. I am taking my eyelash curlers (came from a no.17 set), an eye brow brush and 3 brushes for eye shadow. For eye shadow I have packed an angled brush, a lid brush and a small brush (to add contour shades).

So that’s all, I hope you have enjoyed this post and leave me a comment about your make up essentials in your travel make up bag, 

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