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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Book review: Insurgent + Allegiant by Veronica Roth

It’s time for the next book review of the month, and this is what I read in April, along with Divergent review that I already posted. Read that here: .

So after I read Divergent, I had to read Insurgent. Unlike the Hunger Games, when I read the first book I had to read on. I was sad after the first book and didn’t want the second book to be a let down and it wasn’t.

When reading Insurgent, by Veronica Roth, the original book began to feel so simple and basic, as the second book is a little more complicated.
Insurgent was such a good read, and again I had to force myself to obey limited reading rules and force myself to put the book down. There are so many emotions in this book; grief, anger, nerves, confusion and happiness, just some of them. This means you stay hooked, and even with a more complicated storyline, you will be absorbed.
One thing this book is filled of it plot twists. Throughout the book the plot will suddenly change and leave you guessing what will be it’s future. Veronica Roth is such an amazing writer, and uses plot twists to leave you constantly surprised anf shocked! This is a brilliant ability that she implicates in every page, and I would bet that no-one at any point in this book could guess its end!

If you haven’t yet read Divergent, PLEASE DO, as I’m sure you will love it. Don’t be scared by the fact it is a trilogy, and don’t be put off of you have already watched the film- this book is incredible and is the next big thing, so don’t miss out!

Please tell me down bellow what you think of my review, and any thoughts you have of Insurgent!

I also have read Allegiant, by Veronica Roth, the final book. This does not have the same gripping plotline as the others but holds the same, if not more, deeply moving ideas and words that feel so important to the way we live. The ending if unpredictable and although I have never cried at a book, I have never been so emotionally touched- to the point that I was nearly shaking. I loved this book, and the whole series, as I think it has taught me important lessons and has provoked thoughts that let me see this world in different eyes. Life is valuable, and through all obstacles we must find a way to be brave- to show the dauntless in ourselves.

I have great respect for Veronica Roth, she has bravery and knowledge, honesty, peacefulness and selflessness as well as every other possible aptitude. She has put a powerful story into the world, a touching romance but also deeply moving ideas and important life messages. She not relise that, in the hype her books are getting (which they do diserve), that they matter to the people that read them. I hope one day she can feel my gratefulness, as she is an incredible woman.

Please read the Divergent series, it is the best book and series of books I have ever read. It gives you fantasy and love, romance and guidance, and so many more things. It is a wonderful book.

Thank you,

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