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Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Monthly Favourites: April


So I can’t believe it but April is now over and May had begun, and I’ve decided to show you some of my monthly favourites. I know I didn’t do one in March, and there aren’t that many but here are some products and items I have loved this month!

The ‘Aussie miracle hair insurance, lightweight conditioning spray’ is my first favourite. I have been using this spray to soften my hair and it really works. My hair type never is completely soft, but using this spray does make my hair feel noticeably smoother. I spray this on wet hair or on more than one day old hair to give it a boost, and it just seems to work nice. More information is here-, and the product is available from many UK stores including Boots and Tesco.

The next favourite of mine is something a literally adore. This is my favourite nail polish at the moment and it is the Barry M high shine gelly nail polish in Blueberry. This colour is so beautiful for spring, being a soft periwinkle to cornflower blue shade. It is an alternative to the mainstream pastels colours but has a similar effect. To read my reviews on this and other spring nail polishes click here-, the link also has purchasing and price details.

Now is my next favourite which is the foundation I’ve been using this month. My max factor foundation ran out earlier this year and I was in need of a new foundation. I had no idea what type of product I wanted, so decided on something cheap so that if I disliked it, it wouldn’t matter. As it is I really like the ‘collection, lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation’ as it works really well with my skin. I think it looks natural and never looks orange but I do notice that it has good coverage and does cover up blemishes well. You can buy the product here- for just £5.99.

My fourth favourite is another make up favourite. This product is my ‘Kate’ lipstick in the shade 08. It is a ‘lasting finish’ lipstick and I really love it. I bought this in about February and now I use it all the time. The shade is a your-lips-but-better colour, a rosy toned shade, that looks natural but at the same time cute for spring. I really like this lipstick because of the colour and its long lasting qualities that stays for a reasonable time.

One of my fashion favourites this month has been pastel colours. I don’t really follow trends, but I have really tried to add pastel colours into my spring wardrobe. I think pastel colours are so beautiful and add a lovely touch to make an outfit fresher. I like to incorporate pastel colours with accessories like cardigans, nail polishes, bags and jewellery.

My next favourite is a classic thing for me. I have chosen to put Disney movies on my favourite especially this month because I have watched so many. I have loved Frozen since I got it as a gift for Easter, and have already watched it at least twice since then. I have also enjoyed Tangled (one of my most watched Disney movies because I just love the story so much) and classics like Beauty and the Beast. I use Disney movies as a thing to calm me down after a stressful and busy day, as well as a treat for weekday nights when there isn’t enough time for a long movie. What I personally love to do is have a bath and pamper night finished with a Disney movie before bed. I love that I can feel like a child and am absorbed into the happy world of Disney, if just for an evening.

My next monthly favourite is the Divergent series. As you probably guessed from my many reviews, I love Divergent. This trilogy book series by Veronica Roth is about a girl, called Beatrice having to decide where she fit in society and the consequences for each choice she makes. It is a romantic story filled with action, love, friendship, trust and family bonds, and is unlike any other book I’ve read. It is filled with heart-warming experiences that leave tales and morals deep in your mind. It is an amazing book, and the film is also incredible. My book review is here:

This month my favourite shops have been H&M and New Look, because the stock has been affordable as well as on trend for spring. My favourite buys from them are, from H&M, my collection of skater skirts that I have been loving to wear so much and, from New Look, my dusty pink/ pastel pink cami top which is so cute to style.

Favourite hobby: reading as I have been reading the Divergent series. I think it’s really good to read as it improves your literacy, takes you along on a brilliant story and gives you time to yourself, which is very important in our busy lives.

Favourite food: Since lent is over I have been kind of obsessed with chocolate. My favourite Easter treats being mini eggs and general Easter eggs, yummy!
Favourite drink: Costa’s mocha coffee. I have always loved this drink but now I can drink it again I am in love!

So that’s all for this month’s monthly favourites, what were you April favourites? Let me know in the comments below. Hope your all having a lovely spring,

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