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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How to be happy

Hey guys,

So this post is going to be a bit like my monthly lifestyle posts but it is going to be a bit different. Today’s post is going to be about happiness. Now, I do consider myself to be quite a happy and bubbly personality, but obviously I can be sad and angry at times, like a normal person. I think my positivity is a blessing to the fact that I haven’t had that many negative experiences in my life, but this post is about staying positive. Here I am just going to include some of my methods to be happy generally and/or to lift my mood if I am down.

  1. Music. It’s a bit of an obvious ones, but it’s equally important. Everyone has different music interests and any music is brilliant to lift your mood, but what I would suggest is keeping a playlist on your phone/ ipod with only happy and motivational music. I always play mine, called ‘Happy Mood’, and change up the songs every now and again. My happy mood playlist is for when I feel a bit tired or down, and by the end I’m singing and dancing away. I also like to keep a few Disney dongs in there as the positivity always makes me smile.

  1. Surround yourself in happiness. Your bedroom is one of your most important places, it’s one of the places you spend most of your time in, it’s where you wake up and go to sleep. One of my most personally important tips is to keep things that make you happy on show in it. I keep photos, quotes, my favourite books and so many other things on show, just because I know that they make me smile.

  1. Linking to tip two is an item I absolutely love that makes me so happy. This is my ‘achievements 2014’. It’s a common idea but one I really love. Keeping a ‘memories’ jar or ‘achievements’ jars, is a really nice way to reflect on good times or on your personal goals. My jar is just for 2014, but you could do it for a month or school term. It really makes me happy if I am sad because I can look and see my good times are filling up the jar. At the end of the year I will look back over the times, and remember all the things I may have forgotten.

  1. So I touched on this earlier but quotes. I love to keep quotes in my room because they are really good in changes your mood. Often you can feel annoyed or angry or hopless and I like to read quotes to me feel happy inside. I have a A4 sheet of paper that I filled with quotes, and I also keep quotes inside picture frames in my room. I would recommend to change up your quotes every now and again, my current quotes is one from my favourite book Divergent.

  1. Friends and Family. They are made to make you happy. If you are sad and feel alone, talking helps so much as it gets rid of you’re built up emotions. A friend will always comfort you and then do their best to cheer you up, and a family is there to support you and is there to help.

  1. Watching movies. If I have had a bad day and I feel horrible, one of my favourite things to do is watch a movie. It takes my mind of whatever I am upset about and normally, as I generally watch Disney movies to make me happy, it works. I like to sit in bed and watch a movie, and try to forget the world as much as I can.

  1. Taking time out for yourself. It’s always good to help others and to work hard and to contribute and do chores… but sometimes you need to take time for yourself. There are so may ways you can do this, but I think it is so important. Taking time for yourself means that you have time to build up your self esteem and feel calm. If you are trying to be happier in general than you need to learn patience, and a tip from this is just to think about whatever it is in your alone time. For example if I fought with a friend, I would try and be as calm as possible and then I’d go home and have a bath. Then I would think about if my actions were necessary and what to do next.

  1. Reading. I love to read books anyway but if you are sad/upset they are so good at taking your mind somewhere else. Also books are good for long-term happiness. Novels teach us heart-warming stories, and inspire action and adventure. They let us imagine fantasies or thrill us with mystery. I like to read because I really do think it changes my outlook on event and things that happen to me. I think I learn through my books about not taking things for granted and loving what I have.

  1. Smile. I smile a lot, and I mean a lot. If I am out on my own, I smile at strangers. Often they look at me like im weird but mostly I get a reply of another smile. Smiles are like a chain of happiness and passing one on makes me feel so overjoyed. I think about what their day might be like, and how a simple smile may help them, after all a smile is free of charge. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes, ‘be friendly to everyone, because those who may deserve it least may need it the most’. Also it is scientifically proved that if you smile, it actually teaches your body to be happy.

  1. Persuade yourself to be a happy person. This is in general but there are so many things that you need to do to maintain a happy mood. Tips for this are things like avoiding negative swearing or insults, try other words and give compliment. If a situation is bad, look on the bright side- or at least remember that when this day is over, things will be good again. Its keeping the mindset of being happy that is the hardest, I struggle with it a lot. But with the laughter of friends and the positivity of others, I, myself, discover the happiness in my own soul.

So that’s all of my tips, I hope that these can help you if you need them or maybe inspire you to try a new tip! Please share your comments down bellow about your happiness tips, thanks and keep smiling, 

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