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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Empties #1

Hey everyone,

Well June is here already and I can’t believe it, summer is just around the corner now. This month I will be posting a lot of holiday themed blog posts, but if there is anything other you would like, just comment down below.
So this post is my very first ‘empties’. If you are unfamiliar with these posts/ videos, this is where I show you some products I have used up and my final thoughts on them!

To start I have a candle. I really loved this candle when I first purchased it, as it smelt gorgeous- in a vanilla scent. After using it several times, I have found that the scent isn’t strong enough for my as it doesn’t linger 
after I have stopped burning it. I purchased this candle for £4.99 at a Homesense store.

The next product is a shampoo and conditioner I have used all of this month. It is from ‘Herbal Essences’ and is the ‘beautiful ends’ formula. This shampoo/conditioner is meant to target split ends and is for ‘mid to long hair’. I had mixed thoughts with this product. I thought it did have an effect on my hair, especially in the first few uses, but after a while I found my hair to often be a little too straw-like. I have dry and often frizzy hair, and this shampoo didn’t really help. Another point is that the products are meant to smell of raspberry, but the scent was barely there. Buy theme here: , each for £3.79.

Next is a hairspray. I don’t use hairspray very often, so I normally buy cheaper/ drugstore hairsprays that last my months. This hairspray was the basic ‘Tesco, Everyday Value- Hair spray’. This is an average hairspray. It holds well, but isn’t good for long-lasting use. I also found my hair went dry and sticky and hard with this. I can’t knock it for the price really though, costing me only 37p. Buy it here:

Next is the ‘Soap & Glory, Righteous Butter’. This is a really lovely body butter made with shea butter and aloe vera. I really loved this, because unlike the Body Shop Body Butters, this is a less solid butter and I find it easier to use. It’s got a clean fresh scent and is great to message into your skin. This butter has lasted me ages as well, so for the price is lasts months. You can buy it here: for £10.50, although it is cheaper in other stores or online.

This next set of products is a non-beauty related one. I am a very organised persona and love to colour code things, therefore I often write a lot in colour. These are my favourite ink fine point pens, and they are from ‘v-point’. The full name of them is ‘Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen Extra-Fine’. You can buy these in the normal colours- black, blue and red, but what I really like I the fact that the can come in pink, purple and light blue. I use these for school work or just generally keeping notes about anything. They write like any other ink pen, and the fine poing means you can also use them for outlining or art. They aren’t cheap, but they have lasted many months for me. Buy them here: for £7.49


This next product is one of my favourite ever nail products. It is the ‘BarryM, Basecoat, hardener and topcoat’. This product adds a extra level of shine on your nail polish, makes it last longer and strengthens your nails in the long run. I use this all the time, either on top of a colour or on my plain nails (for school). This product lasts a long time, but as soon as I’m out- I have to repurchase! It is available here: for the normal ‘BarryM’ price of £2.99/.


The penultimate emptied product is one I use all the time, but I don’t think I’ve really talked about before. This is the ‘VO5, curl defining moose’ which is part of the ‘smoothly does it’ range. I use this product every time I wash my hair, and it works to hold my curls and keep them from dropping too much. I have used this for months and really depend on it. Lately though I have been becoming un-impressed by it’s effect. As I have been growing my hair longer, my curls are dropping because of their weight. If you have any tips or products for curly hair, please let me know down below! Buy the ‘curl defining moose’ here: for just £3.79 now!


The final product is the ‘Boots, cleansing and toning wipes’ from the ‘tea tree and witch-hazel’ range. I use these as an initial make-up wipe or to clean my skin. They are great for if you are quickly cleaning your skin but I also find they work well at getting make-up of. I use just one every night, to remove any make up. They also managed to get of the ‘They’re real’ mascara from Benefit, which I was very impressed buy. I love this range so much for easy, drugstore skincare. Buy them here: for £3.39.


So that’s all, did you enjoy this type of post? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, have a lovely June day,

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