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Sunday, 27 April 2014

DIY: make up storage


So today’s post is a DIY on how to make your own make up storage to fit in your drawer. I looked and looked for cheap and simple make up storage but I didn't find anything to my taste, so I decided to make my own! My DIY is so simple and basically separates your drawer to organise your makeup in a way that will be unique to your make up collection.

All you will need is:

1.      First put in your drawer inserts to how you would like them.
2.      Take one compartment, to start with. Measure the width and length of the box and cut lengths of card- these will become very handy! These can be any height that you want them to be.

3.      With one of your lengths/ widths, take the first product you want to store. In the image, I choose a lipstick to begin with. I marked onto the card where I needed the other piece to be. Then I cut a piece of card that is the width of the lipstick.

4.      To stick these pieces together, I put L shape of sellotape on either side of the card.  Then I repeat the process of adding pieces of card that are the widths of the products. In my example, I had a line of lipsticks, so the widths were the same.
5.      Now you have to keep adding pieces of card, and fixing them with the sellotape, until you have filled the space that is equivalent of the width/ length of the drawer insert.
6.      Carefully push in the card layout into the drawer insert, and then fill it with the perfectly fitting make up.

I’m sorry because I seem to have made a really easy DIY seem really complicated, but this is where I was inspired, a video on LaurDIYs channel- .
I hope you like my idea, please let me know if you want to try this DIY or if you have any other ideas,

Thank you, 

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  1. Hi! I stopped by and checked out your blog and it is really cute! I have nominated you and your blog for a Liebster Award - the details are on my website -
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