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Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Body Shop Collection


Who doesn't like a good bath? I love a nice warm bath and a pamper session on week nights, they just make me feel so calm and happy! I must say I was never one to buy lots of bath products but because of a few of my purchases, and many lovely gifts, I now find myself with a collection. This is my Body Shop collection, and my reviews on all my Body Shop products. Enjoy!

So the first few arnt really bath products but they are certainly Body Shop ones!

The first is the lip butters. These little pots of lip moisturiser come in a variety of flavours, and I must say I love them. I have tried only two, the winter vanilla scent (which I sadly lost L) and the coconut (which I am
addicted too)! I use my coconut lip butter everyday to add moisture to my lips, and it is perfect for leaving your lips full meaning you can leave them or add lipstick on top. The cream is a tad oily but not overdone, and the packaging means that the product is easy to just slip into your purse. This product is great for on the go, and works for really dry or normal lips, as far as I know!!! The scent is just right, there but not too noticeable, and the taste isn’t too strong at all. I completely recommend these products; I’ve been a user of them for over a year now!

The next product is again a lip one. It is the ‘born lippy’ lip balms/ glosses. I had a set of these given to me,
so have tried a few scents. I used to love these but now I find them kind if drying and sticky on my lips. When applied, these add little to no colour but just a glistening shine. I find the flosses quite waxy to put on as well, although the scents are nice and strong. I think these would be more appropriate for young girls (earlier teens that wear lip glosses). Buy them here-

So this is my section of body butters. If you have shopped at the Body Shop, you are most likely to have tried these as they are one of the shops most signature products. They come in so many scents and versions, and sizes too. I love these products as they are great body moisturisers when you are in or out of the bath. They are soft and indulgent on the skin, solving all dry skin problems. They come in multiple sizes and prices, as well as in many lovely gift sets, but I’m sure I would recommend them to everyone.

  • Coconut. The scent on this is not too strong, but does smell quite creamy. It slides onto the skin so well, and the scent stays on for a long while. This product is available here:
  • The next scent is ‘Sweet Lemon’. This scent is so fresh, clean and refreshing. It is very strong and stays on the skin for hours, leaving you feeling really revitalized!
  • This next scent is by far my new favourite smell from the Body Shop and it is ‘Moringa’. This is a lovely floral scent, perfect for spring. The smell isn’t too strong but is still fresh and pollinated. I think this scent is best for spring and summer as it smells so much like flowers! Its creamy and smooth like the others, but I find this one a lot lighter on the skin. It is available here:

The next bath product is my coconut ‘cream body scrub’. This was a new product for me, and I was unsure but I do say I like it. It has a bitty texture, like a face scrub, which may put people off. But I always feel like it cleans you skin so well and I never find it too harsh either. It’s nice to have a different texture in bath-time, and the scent of this is very strong. I really like the product and I think I will be trying this in even more scents! It is available here:

The last product is the ‘Almond hand and nail crème’. I get quite dry hands in day to day life, and this is the product I use as hand crème. I have had the product in the scents ‘hemp’ and ‘almond’ and they both work so well. The ‘hemp’ is more of a cream spread texture and the almond is more light and cream moisturiser. The only disadvantage to the product is the packaging. It isn’t all that pretty or all that practical. When the product has run out, you must squash it out like toothpaste and this can end up with holes/tears in the packaging’; there can be leakages. Buy the hand crèmes here:

So that’s Body Shop collection for now, I would love to hear some of your favourite products from the ranges too. I also would consider doing a repeat of this post some time in the future. For now please leave a comment down below with your thoughts! Thank you for reading,

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