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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How I style... Converse


So this Christmas I got my first pair of converse, low tops in a berry/red shade. I have been wearing them all the time since and I love them. I think they are the perfect for spring, as they are so wearable in so many different styles. This post is about my favourite three ways of wearing my Converse, I know they are basic but I wanted to let you know how I style them.

  1. Frilled socks
These are defiantly one of my blog’s most praised things this year. I am totally in love with frilled socks, mine being from Primark, and I have developed a collection of colours! When I got my Converse, I knew these would look great, although because of the colour of my shoes, I try to stick to white, black and grey and more neutral colours. I think these look so cute with the Converse and add a girly touch.

  1. Pattern socks
Now everyone loves a good patterned sock, I think we can all agree, and now Christmas is over, when you could wear them with anything because it looked ‘festive’, we must consider other ways of wearing them. I think they look great with Converse, as they add a print and also colour. These I have put on are black with tiny brown/nude hearts, and I mostly wear neutral colour prints as my shoes are coloured, but really it is up to you.

  1. Fuzzy socks
This is by far the warmest and most comfy look of the three, and fuzzy socks also look great with Converse. Fuzzy socks are often seen as a stay-at-home item, but I think with low-top converse they fit pperfectly. The socks I had on were actually the Primark thick 2-pack socks, and normally I would wear the other pair (as they are patterned but not striped). What I love is this look keeps your feet so warm, so it is great for going out when it is a little chillier or if you want warm toasty toes!!

So that’s it. I know I am very lucky to have Converse as they are a very expensive shoe, but I completely love them and they were an amazing Christmas gift. For people who cannot afford these branded shoes, there are so many copies and shoes in a similar style, just look around. I know that Primark do some and New Look too- so don’t worry. Down bellow I will list my shoes if you are interested in the same.

Comment down bellow how you style Converse, have a great day,

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